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It's the people that make Berkeley different to other consultancies. Bright, friendly, down-to-earth people who are both thinkers and doers. Working by your side, as consultants and colleagues, to get the right results.

SAP & ERP Implementation Support

Making sure your implementation transforms your business

Managing the complexities to deliver success

SAP and other ERP implementations tend to be big, complex undertakings with multiple stakeholders. They can also be slow, troublesome and sensitive. But when implemented well they can be truly transformational – enabling you to streamline your business, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

We have firsthand experience of helping clients with many such implementations at every stage of the lifecycle. We understand what it takes to manage the scale and complexities and deliver a successful outcome.

How we can help

Tackling the challenges

We know how to help you deal successfully with the challenges and the scale of SAP and other ERP implementations – across different functional areas and different geographies, involving different systems and ways of working and many different stakeholders who all need to be engaged and encouraged to support the changes.

We can help you tackle the pitfalls that, despite best intentions, many organisations fall into.  For example avoiding over-customising your solution, making sure you address data quality issues early enough and building a high-performing team from a diverse set of skilled individuals and different suppliers.  Most importantly, we help keep you focused on the overall business outcomes you are trying to achieve – avoiding it all becoming all about the technology solution.

We can also help you tackle the time challenges – moving you through your implementation in the right way and at the right pace so that the solution you plan to implement at the outset stays on track and the business objectives you target are delivered.

Adapting our help to your needs

We can help at any stage, addressing a specific challenge of the implementation or supporting you across the whole programme. It starts with shaping and scoping to create a solid foundation for your implementation, including a compelling rationale rooted in your broader strategic business objectives. From there, you need to mobilise the programme well, for example by selecting the right suppliers and agreeing appropriate terms. We can take on key leadership roles in the programme, augmenting your own management team with experienced, expert practitioners. Once your solution is up and running, we can provide benefits realisation and post-implementation advice on how best to embed and maintain the new ways of working at the heart of your solution.

Turning a troublesome implementation around

We can also get involved in helping you address implementations that have gone off track – providing quick and constructive advice and recommendations, or hands-on leadership to help to bring the project back on course for successful delivery. Or you might have a single issue, such as data migration, where you could do with our expert input to deal with the problem.

Working purely for and with you

Through these complex implementations, we stay by your side and on your side. We’ll help you take the right steps, avoid the common pitfalls such as over-customisation, iron out issues, create an effective model and the necessary engagement to bring everyone together around constructive evidence-based conversations. Above all, we’ll make sure you stay focused on the overall business objective.

Our experience

We can't tell you about all the work we do, but here's a selection:

  • We helped an oil major’s supply and trading business shape and mobilise their SAP solution and deliver the programme globally on time and to budget.
  • We helped Xerox reshape and deliver their SAP implementation across all their core operations to support a shared service model.
  • We are working with the Board of a FTSE 250 CPG company to help them understand the challenges and how best to set up their ERP solution for success.
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