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We’re about being there for our clients when it really matters. When it absolutely has to be right. Doing the right thing is both our ethos and sweet spot. And it’s why clients turn to us again and again



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I graduated from Imperial College, London with a degree in Mining Geology, and then joined Andersen Consulting (now Accenture). After 6 years there, I moved to Berkeley. I have had the privilege of wo...

Juliet Armstrong, Partner

Juliet Armstrong

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The people

It's the people that make Berkeley different to other consultancies. Bright, friendly, down-to-earth people who are both thinkers and doers. Working by your side, as consultants and colleagues, to get the right results.

Supplier Selection

Providing independent expert help and advice to ensure you choose the right suppliers

Helping you make the right choice

When you need to bring suppliers in on a large scale complex change programme, choosing the wrong ones can be very costly – not only in terms of money and effort wasted but also in terms of undermining the ultimate success of the programme. The time to get this right is upfront, so that you root supplier selection in your objectives and make the right choice for your business. To this end, you need to select your suppliers in an informed, rigorous way. We can provide the independent expertise to help you do this.

Invaluable independence

We add value in a number of ways. First and foremost, because we’re independent, with no alignment to any supplier, we can play a purely impartial expert role in helping you make the right selection.

Firsthand experience

Our skills in supplier selection and mobilisation are strengthened by our firsthand experience of actually delivering programmes. We know what it takes to ensure the success of a project and therefore what to look for in suppliers. We’ve also worked side by side with a number of key suppliers, leading system integrators and software vendors for example, so our understanding of skills and capabilities in the marketplace often runs deeper than simply meeting them through the selection process.

Different every time

We take each client situation as a unique set of circumstances. There is no fixed process. We help you look at the whole situation in the round and think carefully about what’s critical so we can understand the special set of circumstances and the key success factors. Working with stakeholders, including internal procurement teams, we’re then able to tailor a selection process.

Supporting your objectives

We start by gaining a broad understanding of what you are trying to achieve – the overall objectives, the benefits, the scope, so that we can build a clear sense of the kind of supplier you need. Organisations often try to bring suppliers in too early before they have clarified this foundation. They risk making the wrong choices and wasting a lot of effort and money further down the line. If we think it would be better for you to delay your supplier selection while some more preparatory work is done, we’ll say so – we’d rather put your long-term interests first.

Creating a sourcing strategy

We can help you create your sourcing strategy – specifying the types of third parties you need, particular skills and experience they must have and how best to go about procuring them. This creates the all-important strategic foundation for supplier selection.

Bringing all the stakeholders together

The selection process will often involve a complex group of stakeholders, from the procurement team to end users, from business leaders to technology experts - all with their own views and areas of expertise. We are able to work effectively in these complex stakeholder situations, making sure the right people are involved and that they all work together around shared understanding and objectives.

Selecting the right suppliers

Once you’ve set your strategy, we can help with the actual supplier selection process – typically taking you from a long list of candidate organisations through to the final selection. We also help with commercial frameworks, negotiating approaches and long-term management frameworks, to ensure the supplier can be incentivised appropriately throughout the programme

Mobilising your suppliers

To ensure your chosen suppliers get on board and start working as quickly and effectively as possible, we also provide expert help and guidance around supplier mobilisation. This involves ensuring suppliers are clear about the roles they’re stepping into as well as broader ways of working and reporting structures.

“For me, more than anything, it’s about choosing the right people. You need to be confident that they not only have the right skills and capabilities but also the right attitude for you and your business. You want people that they are genuinely going to help you make your project a success

Juliet Armstrong

Juliet Armstrong

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Our thinking


Speeding up the selection process

Why does selecting a supplier have to take so long? You want to be sure you are making the right selection in choosing a great supplier. But does that mean you need to take a great deal of time? Not necessarily.

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Our Experience

Here are some examples of our client work:

  • We designed a week-long assessment stage to help a client decide between two suppliers. This involved front-line staff working through the processes and supporting screens of candidate ERP systems. It resulted in the client selecting the supplier which on paper beforehand looked to be the second choice. The investment of time and attention paid off in a number of ways: the client made the right choice, staff bought into the choice and they really got to know the supplier’s system and people, opening the way for a faster, more effective mobilisation.
  • We came up with an innovative way for one of our clients to remunerate the three main suppliers on their programme. The remuneration was partly linked to how effectively the suppliers worked together, so there was a built-in added incentive to collaborate.
  • To help one of our clients get to know their three short-listed suppliers in a very short space of time, we added a day with each of the suppliers where the people on both sides all met each other via short sessions. Akin to speed dating, it was a fun yet effective way of helping our client select the right supplier.

Our work

Case Study

High stakes supplier selection for a key programme

Our client engaged us to run a rigorous supplier selection and mobilisation process.

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