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We’re about being there for our clients when it really matters. When it absolutely has to be right. Doing the right thing is both our ethos and sweet spot. And it’s why clients turn to us again and again



Find out how you can make a big change to your career by joining one of the best small firms in the UK.


I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of Paris X in 2001 and after a couple of years working in Sales and Marketing in Paris and Amsterdam, I moved to the UK where I comp...

Anne-Lise Antolinos-Morin, Consultant

Anne-Lise Antolinos-Morin

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The people

It's the people that make Berkeley different to other consultancies. Bright, friendly, down-to-earth people who are both thinkers and doers. Working by your side, as consultants and colleagues, to get the right results.


The small firm with
big ideas

As you'll see from our video profiles, most of our management consultants have enjoyed career success in larger firms.What attracts them to The Berkeley Partnership is the chance to do great work in a truly collegial and supportive environment. We’ve deliberately managed our growth over many years to retain the values and culture that make us different. And we take great care to hire people who share those values and fit naturally into that culture. If you’re our kind of consultant, we're confident you'll never look back.

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Michael Mahony, Partner

Well, The Berkeley Partnership, I think is very simply a group of talented, like-minded individuals who want to work together and who recognise that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

Charles Scott, Partner

We set out, quite deliberately, to create an environment and a firm that was not only incredibly highly regarded by the market and by our colleagues, but also always a terrific place for our people to work.

Michael Mahony, Partner

We've been in business for 20 years and there are 50 of us. That's not stellar growth by any means, and the reason for that is that we are very, very careful about finding the right people to work in this firm.

Charles Scott, Partner

We are a very successful business, and we're a successful business based on taking a very long-term view of client relationships, and just setting out to do what is right for the client.

Juliet Armstrong, Partner

You genuinely feel you're part of the client team. You feel like you are an extension of their management team, and some of the more traditional client/supplier, more arms-length, transactional relationships, we don't experience that at all. And I think that's a great working environment.

Berkeley was really cleverly designed right from the start, in terms of values and aspects of the firm, and those have sustained 20 years later; obviously we've evolved things and changed things but those core values and those initial aspirations for the sort of organisation that Berkeley should be are still very much here today.

Michael Mahony, Partner

That touch stone of what we want – we're creating an environment for us, not for anybody else, it's a really important differentiator I think. Everybody else starts talking about what are they doing for their customers and clients – that's not the point. What are we doing for us? Customers and clients – it'll all follow.

Top 3 reasons to join us

1. No pigeonholes or comfort zones

The chance to stretch yourself in different roles across a variety of assignments and industry sectors.

2. More time consulting, less time selling

At Berkeley we focus on the quality of our work and the client relationships we build. Sales naturally follow from that.

3. We stay connected

Most of our clients are in London, but for those who do travel more widely we keep you connected to the firm through regular social activities and firm wide updates.

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