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I graduated from Imperial College, London with a degree in Mining Geology, and then joined Andersen Consulting (now Accenture). After 6 years there, I moved to Berkeley. I have had the privilege of wo...

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Adam LaPensee


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When and why did you join?
I joined in April 2011, and what initially attracted was two things probably; the nature of the work, and the people that interviewed me. I hit it off with all of the people that interviewed me and that’s representative of my time here; and the nature of the work was exactly as was promised when I was interviewing.

Personal Development?
It’s given me a lot greater exposure with my clients. For an example, my current project, my sponsors are the MD of the UK, the Chief Marketing Officer and the Strategy Director – so great exposure for me. And in terms of complexity of the project, it’s a harder project than I would have been used to before, so it’s accelerated my career in many different ways across the board.

How are we different?
The personal touch of the organisation, I think. I feel like I’m part of an organisation that cares about me. It’s smaller, obviously, than the big organisations from which I’ve come, and I quite like that personal touch. I quite like how it feels like they care about me as a person and about my development and they care about how I’m getting on, on a day-to-day basis. And from a more practical point of view, on my projects, there’s less of that possessive ownership of client contacts, so it’s all about relationships here, and so there’s an absolute encouragement for people to get to know the people that you’re working with and have a really good relationship with them, rather than just the Partner owning the relationship with the senior member of the business. And I love that, it’s great – I really enjoy it.

Most satisfying project?
The current project, I would say, is the one that has been most enjoyable for me. The exposure and the variety on the project itself; the people I interact with – in a retail organisation I’m helping to transform stores, I’m helping to transform technology – there’s all sorts of elements to the way that the business is running, which I’m impacting. It’s just so various, and it’s good fun everyday and everyday there’s a good challenge.

Work/life balance?
Most of the work that Berkeley have is within the London area, and there’s an understanding that if that’s your preference, that’s where you’ll work. So I know that every night of the week I’m going to be home to see my wife and kids, and that’s a relief. And I know that when I’m rolling off onto the next project there’s not that fear of ‘am I going to get sent to Budapest? or wherever in the world where I won’t be able to come home every night’ – so it’s great from that point of view.

When I joined, I joined very cunningly just before the yearly Away Weekend, and it’s just brilliant fun. It’s great fun, a great opportunity – no work in it, just have fun with a bunch of people that are very much like you. To be honest, I think all social occasions are like that. The way in which the interview process is carried out means that there’s a lot of emphasis on ‘do you fit within the organisation?’ and it means that when you go out on all these social events, basically, you’re more than likely to get on with pretty much everybody there. So it’s just a really good fit, and every social occasionis really good fun – it’s like going out with a bunch of mates rather than on a work do, which is good.

Any advice?
Enjoy the interview process. It’s designed to be very similar to a working relationship that you’d have with the Partners when you work here. If you enjoy that process and it works for you, then it’s more than likely that you’ll work within the organisation. It’s a great place to work; if you’re willing to take a step up in your career and you want somewhere to accelerate it then this is the right place to come, in my opinion. Just enjoy the interview process, make sure it works for you and that it’s a two-way process.

After achieving a First Class Masters in Engineering from the University of Sheffield in 1999, Adam began a varied career in Management Consultancy – specialising in the implementation of strategies with clients across retail, media, telecoms, healthcare and government. In 2009, having worked with a range of large firms including PwC, PA Consulting and Dixons Retail, Adam moved to Madrid to further his studies, graduating in the top 10% of his MBA class at the Instituto de Empressa. It was with over nine years experience and this qualification under his belt that Adam was drawn to the culture of The Berkeley Partnership, joining us in 2011 and changing the way he saw management consultancy.

Since joining, Adam has been furthering his experience in the retail sector, from formulating strategic thinking through to programme management of the delivery of that strategic vision. This has provided Adam with valuable and high profile experience, as he’s successfully delivered programmes in complex and challenging environments.

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