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I graduated from Imperial College, London with a degree in Mining Geology, and then joined Andersen Consulting (now Accenture). After 6 years there, I moved to Berkeley. I have had the privilege of wo...

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Kate Boddington


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When and why did you join?
I joined The Berkeley Partnership in January 2009. I think what attracted me initially to Berkeley was the opportunity to work in a private partnership which was, perhaps, less bureaucratic than some of the larger consulting firms.

Personal development?
I think it’s definitely been a really great opportunity to have more senior exposure. On a number of projects I’m working directly with clients at a Board level – and really what that means is you get a much better chance to influence change, but also I’m helping the clients to learn about tackling whatever problem they have, and equally it’s a great opportunity for me to learn about how their companies operate, so it’s a win-win. 

How are we different?
I suppose the thing that I enjoy is the fact that we get the balance right. We do very complex, challenging pieces of work and at the same time, it’s really important the culture we have around being people focused, it’s a very family-friendly place to work and I think everybody really takes a collaborative approach to what we do, and I think that’s fantastic.

Most satisfying project?
Well there have been loads! I suppose what I would highlight would be one particular role I did with an oil and gas firm, doing a programme QA, so an assurance piece of work. It was a global transformation programme, but they were taking the deployment site next to Australia and New Zealand, so I went with a colleague down to Australia to basically meet the team, interview them, and help them get a sense of assurance around whether or not they were on track with what they were doing and helping them to understand where they could improve, so that they were set up for success.

Work/life balance?
I guess one of the things I enjoy about working at Berkeley is the fact that you are working independently in a very autonomous way, and really what that means is that you are in charge of your own destiny, so I’m able to balance the work that I do for my clients with the other activities we do internally with Berkeley, with a number of other things I do. For example, I’m a non-Executive Director with a large youth charity, and I’m able to make sure that I can balance what I’m doing with my client work and the other commitments that I have, which is fantastic.

One of the things that I enjoy is the fact that we do take time to meet together as a group on a regular basis. Whether it be the monthly sessions we do with consultants and partners, or some of the away events we organise. And it is really important, because we are off doing lots of projects in different places, so the opportunity to come back together and really just catch up with everybody is always fantastic, so that’s great that it’s something the firm really places emphasis on.

Any advice?
I think it’s a fantastic place to work, and really the best way to find out about it is to get in touch and come and see what we are doing and see where we work and really bring it to life.

With a first class degree in Metallurgical Process Engineering from the University of New South Wales, Australia, Kate took on a role as an engineer in the steel industry, gaining manufacturing and supply chain experience over a five year period. A change of direction then took Kate to Accenture, joining the management consultancy industry. Over ten years, she worked her way up to Senior Manager, earning extensive experience in large-scale SAP deployments, enterprise integration and applications management – working with a variety of utilities and oil & gas clients across the UK, Europe and Australia. Her next career move was to join The Berkeley Partnership.

During her time with us, Kate has worked across a range of industries including Consumer Products, Oil & Gas and the NHS. Her roles have included strategy development, operational turnaround and delivery assurance for large-scale programmes. Each project has honed Kate’s programme management abilities, including working with clients at an executive level and involving complex stakeholder engagement.

Kate is actively involved in Berkeley’s Community Contribution programme and is a trustee for the charity UK Youth, one of Berkeley’s supported charity partners. Kate currently works 4 days per week as part of Berkeley’s flexible working offer for its employees.


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