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Adam LaPensee

Consultant, UK

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Adam LaPensee

Consultant, UK

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What’s different about Berkeley for you? 

Berkeley is somewhere you are respected and engaged with as an individual. Everyone has different wants and needs in life, and in other companies I’ve worked, I’ve sometimes felt like a commodity to be sold and measured. In Berkeley it feels different. It’s big enough to provide really interesting and challenging work for big and medium sized clients, but small enough that you get to know everyone’s face. There’s also plenty of opportunity to bring your family into the work culture. From Christmas parties for the kids, to dinners out with my wife and other Berkeley folk: it’s a very inclusive business. The culture and community is what makes it special to me.

2  What’s been your favourite assignment and why?

It’s hard to pick one assignment as they all bring something new and exciting.

  • I’ve worked with the global leadership team of a media business, helping them develop their new operating model, which had me working with a really senior and experienced team and travelling to some interesting places; 
  • I’ve worked at a ferry business, helping them mobilize a transformation program, which had me learning about how you design, build and procure new ships (among other things); 
  • I’ve worked with manufacturing businesses, where site visits were like an oversized A-level chemistry set; 
  • I’ve worked in technology, marketing, HR, Finance;
  • I’ve worked in the public and private sector.

The list is long and varied, but ultimately consulting is a people business and I’ve been privileged to work with and for some exceptional clients and colleagues. That is what has made my experience at Berkeley special.

3  What are your values and how have they informed your career?

I believe in integrity and being very open and honest in my life, inside and outside of work. Integrity and having open conversations is very much encouraged at Berkeley. Whether about an assignment, your own career or the fabric and values of the firm, I’ve always felt that people’s opinions are valued and sought out. That comfort in being open and honest has encouraged me to stay at Berkeley for far longer than I have at previous consultancies.