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Julianne Meyer

Consultant, US

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Julianne Meyer

Consultant, US

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1What’s different about Berkeley for you? 

The Berkeley Partnership has afforded me career opportunities that I truly believe I would not be able to get any where else. From the caliber of the work, and the clients I encounter, to the people I work with each day, Berkeley is a step above. 

I am able to shape and define my own career within the firm, and do not have to fit into a particular mould. Whatever path is right for me, is accepted without hesitation or consequence, and Berkeley works to steer down that path, and achieve your goals. 

2What types of engagements excite you the most?

Since joining Berkeley, I’ve worked in a range of sectors, including media and consumer packaged goods on a variety of programs from strategy, to data and analytics, to large scale transformations

The ability to work on a new client, or a new program, in particular, something I’ve never worked on before and where I am genuinely challenged is what I find most exciting. I feel that I grow as both a consultant and an individual when I am faced with something new. There is an energy to it. 

3What are you passionate about in life?

My family is my passion. One of the reasons I came to Berkeley and have stayed is because I don’t have to sacrifice time with family for my career—I get to have both. I’m very fortunate to have married the love of my life and we have a young toddler who is full of curiosity and energy. 

As a family we enjoy traveling the world, spending days on the beach, swimming in the backyard, or watching a favorite TV show or movie.