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Mark Bryant

Consultant, UK

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Mark Bryant

Consultant, UK

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1Why did you join Berkeley?

I was originally attracted to consulting by the challenge and variety that comes from helping clients across a wide range of sectors solve their most complex challenges. I had really enjoyed my time at Accenture.  I learned a tremendous amount and made some great friends along the way, but as I progressed towards Senior Manager, I was finding that I was becoming more sector-specialized and spending less time on front-line consulting. Berkeley offered the opportunity to continue focusing my time on consulting engagements across a broad range of sectors, which was what drew me to consulting in the first place. I was also attracted by Berkeley’s distinctive culture and values, which then, as now, continues to set Berkeley apart, both for its people and its clients.

2What’s been your favorite assignment and why?

There have been many assignments I’ve enjoyed at Berkeley for different reasons. It’s not an easy choice, but if I had to name one favorite assignment, it would probably be defining and securing agreement to the eCommerce strategy for a major furniture and home accessories retailer. After many years of under investment, I helped the CEO and Board to think completely differently about the criticality of omnichannel and eCommerce to their future competitive and commercial success.  

Having secured agreement to a transformation in their channel strategy, I went on to support the client in defining and selecting their future online operating model and partners. Following launch, their new online channels quickly delivered commercial success as part of an omnichannel proposition. These online channels have since surpassed physical stores as the client’s most important and valuable route to market.

3What might people be interested in knowing about you?

Originally from Cornwall, I now live in Surrey with my wife, Beth, and two children. I enjoy off road cycling and walking in our local area and still like to get back to the coast when I can for sailing, windsurfing or kayaking.