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Desi Andreeva

Consultant, UK

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Desi Andreeva

Consultant, UK

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1 What’s different about Berkeley for you? 

A big differentiator for me is the personalised career and development model at Berkeley, where your progress is looked at against your own individual development path and not in a “one size fits all” approach. 
This certainly enables an environment where I can further develop my abilities without the pressure of a formal “fit on the curve” assessment. It’s not only a matter of job satisfaction, but also about improvement and continuous learning.

2  What type of engagements excite you the most?

I really do enjoy working with ambiguity and consider common sense to be one of my strengths! Although prior to joining Berkeley, I spent the majority of my professional career in the financial services/ finance sector, I am really looking forward to the opportunities to bring my skills and experience to a much wider range of client problems.

What particularly motivates me on any engagement is the problem-solving aspect of a role and creating the right, sustainable structure in order to develop practical and relevant solutions for clients, regardless of industry or functional focus.

3  Why did you become a management consultant?

Having studied Economics and Mathematical Finance, I used to think that no job can be fun all of the time. And while that is somewhat true, over the years I have learned that management consulting is many other things – energising, fulfilling and challenging.

It allows me to focus on the things that matter to me – personal development, continuous learning, cultivating the skills I value, and working on client problems to implement changes that stick while at the same time interacting with interesting people.