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Moses Ayinde

Consultant, UK

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Moses Ayinde

Consultant, UK

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1Why did you join Berkeley?

The motivating factor for me joining Berkeley, amongst many, was the knowledge that Berkeley was easily able to provide me with an environment to both grow and thrive professionally by offering me the tools and support to take my career to the next level. From day one I quickly realised how much care everyone at Berkeley had for each other.

It was clear to see that Berkeley differentiate themselves from their competitors by putting people at the heart of everything they do, creating a warm, open and honest environment for both their employees and their clients, a quality that is demonstrated by all Berkeley people. Berkeley grows their consultants into well rounded professionals with the ability to work across all sectors and services which means our clients can benefit from consultants with a broad set of skillsets across multiple industries and services.

2What do you like most about being a transformation leader?

Working on projects that are incredibly complex in nature are the engagements that excite me the most. These projects are more often the engagements that keep C-suite level executive up at night. Therefore, having the opportunity to solve their most complex challenges which results in a legacy of change within their organisation, whether people, technology or culture, is something which provides me with a huge sense of fulfilment.

I have been fortunate enough to implement this on several occasions throughout my consulting career. One of the most complex challenges I helped a client overcome was how to significantly reduce the number of human errors in their processes whilst at the same time introducing disruptive technology. I worked with the CTO to build a strategy for creating an Intelligent Automation Centre of Excellence in the organisation, developed a project roadmap for implementation and then project managed the implementation right through to delivery. Our strategy and implementation led to business process efficiencies and increased cutomer satisfaction, as well as repeat business.

3Why did you become a management consultant?

The main reason I decided to be become a management consultant is because I am someone who enjoys solving problems. I love hypothesising potential approaches, outcomes and solutions resulting in tangible positive change. I am also someone who loves variety in life, especially in the work that I am doing day to day. Management consulting allowed me to have all this and more in abundance.

Outside of work I love to spend time with my community from church, exercising in the gym (five times a week when and where possible!), playing and watching football and finding lovely Italian restaurants to dine at with my wife.