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We’re about being there for our clients when it really matters. When it absolutely has to be right. Doing the right thing is both our ethos and sweet spot. And it’s why clients turn to us again and again



Find out how you can make a big change to your career by joining one of the best small firms in the UK.


I started out in Management Consultancy in 1997 having graduated from the University of Durham with a Masters degree in Astrophysics.  I have worked with some fantastic clients over the last fourteen ...

Hadley Baldwin, Partner

Hadley Baldwin

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The people

It's the people that make Berkeley different to other consultancies. Bright, friendly, down-to-earth people who are both thinkers and doers. Working by your side, as consultants and colleagues, to get the right results.

Programme Delivery

Leading the successful delivery of the projects that really matter for your business

Critical delivery

It could be the sheer size and complexity of the project or the transformative role it is intended to play in your business, maybe it’s competitor-beating or career-defining – when a project really matters, call us in. We’ll work side by side with you to deliver your project in the right way, on time and to budget.

Bringing the necessary know-how

By their nature, big complex projects are comparatively rare in any one part of an organisation – they just don’t come along that often. So the firsthand experience and expertise needed to lead them is unlikely to be found in-house. This is where we come in. We have managed many such projects for a great variety of organisations. It’s at the heart of what we do and enjoy.

Fitting in with you

We not only have the necessary project delivery experience and expertise, we also have the vital ability and attitude to quickly fit in with and start contributing to your organisation. We’re quick to learn and keen to work alongside you to deliver your project.

Combining strategy and action

You’ll work with a few highly experienced consultants who know how to manage multidisciplinary, multimillion pound projects, because they’ve done it many times before. They’ll take a totally independent stance – focusing their expertise on your interests. They’ll combine the strategic nous your chief executive is looking for with the no nonsense, collaborative, roll-your-sleeves-up-and-get-stuck-in approach that wins over frontline folk. We get on with everyone involved and we get on with the work that needs doing. You won’t find this combination of independence, seniority, experience and attitude elsewhere.

Leading the project for you

These kinds of projects inevitably involve project teams of tens or hundreds of people, multiple stakeholders, divisions, functions, geographies – a host of different constituents, all of which need coordinating and cajoling, empowering and encouraging. It’s about leading the project smoothly towards the agreed objectives on time and to budget, in the spirit and interests of your business. In short, forward motion for you.

Critical, Complex, Lasting Change


Keeping a grip on complex programmes

When you want to drive home complex change a small high impact Strategic Programme Management Office (SPMO) can make all the difference.

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Case Study

Delivering global financial reporting

We reviewed a major IT programme and then lead the implementation of the turnaround activities.

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When you have a critical, complex project that absolutely has to be delivered successfully - come to us.

Hadley Baldwin

Hadley Baldwin

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