I graduated from Liverpool University with a degree in Geography in 1999, and seeking variety while I decided what I wanted to do long term with my career, I began my management consultancy career at ...

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It's the people that make Berkeley different to other consultancies. Bright, friendly, down-to-earth people who are both thinkers and doers. Working by your side, as consultants and colleagues, to get the right results.


About Berkeley

We’re about being there for our clients when it really matters. When it absolutely has to be right. Doing the right thing is both our ethos and sweet spot. And it’s why clients turn to us again and again.

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Whatever your long term career goals, we’re here to support you. Through an open dialogue, we help our people to build the capabilities, experiences and networks they need to boost their careers.

Business & Financial Modelling

Helping you navigate complexities to take better decisions with greater confidence

Finding valuable answers

Through our business dynamics modelling and systems thinking, we can help you quickly and effectively frame and solve business problems, so you can find valuable answers to strategic questions.

It’s a useful tool at any strategic stage – from exploring the options at the outset of developing a five-year plan, through to aligning different views on the best way forward, refining and reinforcing a business case, or overcoming a block in the implementation of a solution.

A business-focused approach

We take a business-focused approach, combining our understanding of the broader context and the challenges you face with our modelling capability to address the key issues you face – from how best to reduce your operating costs to where best to invest in growth.

The key is to be able to see a rich and detailed picture built around business questions and objectives, so you can base your decisions on a clear understanding not only of the big picture but also the fine detail, including all the critical connections, variables and dependencies. This enables you to identify and answer your key strategic questions in a rigorous, pragmatic, business-focused way.

Taking better, more informed decisions

With our help, you can gain a clear sense of the likely outcomes of a particular change, before having to commit your money and resources to making that change. It gives you greater confidence that you are doing the right thing, and helps prevent costly mistakes. Our systematic business dynamics modelling maps out the variables and their outcomes, so no matter how complex the situation you can make more informed decisions and take better courses of action.

Testing your assumptions

Moreover, you can test your assumptions and acquire a real sense of the consequences. It’s a great way to challenge conventions and forge innovative new directions.

Sharing understanding

A robust dynamic model helps get everyone on the same page. All the stakeholders can share the same understanding so they can discuss, challenge and agree what the problem is and how best to solve it. This constructive engagement around real evidence can often be a vital requirement when you are planning and implementing complex change programmes involving many different interest groups.

A valuable ongoing reference point

As you apply the framework to your business you also have a common reference to track the outcomes, so you can confirm, refine or adapt your model, depending on the actual outcomes. It provides a valuable ongoing point of guidance and reference as you continue to face complex challenges with many different variables and interrelationships. Over time, you can fine tune to identify the levers with the biggest impact and, in turn, focus on the most effective actions.

Working closely with you

We work closely with you all the way along to build and apply the model, so it’s not only accurate and practical, but also accepted by all concerned. As a result, you can move quickly and effectively from agreeing and articulating the challenge through to making good decisions with the consensus of all stakeholders.

We aim to create a model that is as simple and easy to understand as possible, despite the inevitable surrounding complexities. This is an important part of creating a tool that you can use and make the most of yourself for future decision making.

We help our clients identify and answer their key strategic questions in a rigorous, pragmatic, business-focused way.

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Neil McClumpha

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