After graduating from the University of Nottingham with a degree in Finance, Accounting and Management, I took two gap years where I carried out voluntary work (Citizen’s Advice Bureau), an internship...

Hemal Dave, Finance Analyst

Hemal Dave

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The people

It's the people that make Berkeley different to other consultancies. Bright, friendly, down-to-earth people who are both thinkers and doers. Working by your side, as consultants and colleagues, to get the right results.


About Berkeley

We’re about being there for our clients when it really matters. When it absolutely has to be right. Doing the right thing is both our ethos and sweet spot. And it’s why clients turn to us again and again.

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Whatever your long term career goals, we’re here to support you. Through an open dialogue, we help our people to build the capabilities, experiences and networks they need to boost their careers.

Programme Assurance

Making sure your projects and programmes stay on course and deliver results

Asking the right questions?

How can you be sure your project or programme is set up for success? Is it on track to deliver? How can you be confident you are making the most of the money and effort you are investing? We can help.

Expert and independent

Our people have spent many years in the delivery hot seat – we know first-hand what it takes to deliver complex change. Our complete independence enables us to talk straight, get to the point, and always put you and your objectives first.

Helping you make the right decisions at every stage

At every stage of a major project, decisions are taken that will either lay the foundations for success, or cause real risks to delivery that could resurface with serious consequences. Keeping a complex delivery on track takes real depth of experience and constant care and attention.

That’s why we recommend building delivery assurance into programmes from day one. A gentle steer from an experienced and steady hand can be an effective way of ensuring your project progresses smoothly, avoiding potential pitfalls further down the line.

Too often, managers and sponsors commission assurance reviews only once things have started to go wrong. While intervention at this stage can still be helpful, and projects can usually be set right, the process is often more painful and costly.

Whether you are mobilising a project, in the heat of delivery, or pushing to realise the benefits of a major investment, we can help. We can carry out an independent, expert assessment and set out grounded, practical recommendations that you and your team can act on immediately.

Experienced experts working for you

We bring deep experience that has been hard earned by taking leadership roles on large scale and complex projects and programmes. We know what to look for and what to ask, and how to come up with the right answers quickly. We combine this know-how with the independence and client focus that guarantees we’re always on your side.

Combining breadth and depth

We assess in depth and in the round – looking at all the key areas, including the business issues and objectives, technology, people, plans, motivation, morale, third parties, structure and commercial incentives. Then we focus on distilling what’s really important – identifying the root causes amongst the noise and complexity, getting to the heart of what will really make a difference.

Practical and constructive

We always look to be pragmatic and positive. We recognise and highlight the positive achievements of the team, while providing straight-talking constructive guidance on what you can do to tackle issues and help secure a successful outcome.

Working closely with you to assure success

We work collaboratively with you and your team to ensure real understanding and involvement from start to finish. Findings and recommendations are presented early so there are no surprises. With action plans developed alongside and truly owned by your team, you can move swiftly on from being confident about what to do, to actually doing it.

Assurance framework infographic showing general approach, lines of enquiry, and recommended target areas

Drawing on deep experience of shaping and delivering complex change, we work quickly and closely with our clients to assure the delivery of their most challenging and important investments. Our approach is rapid, fair, and insightful, and results in findings and recommendations that are always practical and actionable.

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Richard Pavesi

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