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Our story

We're proud to have built a business focused on people - our own and our clients. These long lasting, high trust relationships have formed a firm foundation for success.

Berkeley was founded in London in 1990 by four partners who wanted to create a new kind of management consultancy. The idea was to create a consultancy based around high calibre, intellectually curious, and emotionally intelligent people who could think, act and lead flexibly and decisively. These people would deliver consistently excellent work, and create long lasting, high trust relationships with our clients. Free from sales targets, our people would be able to focus solely on what was best for the client. The partnership itself would be collaboratively structured, resulting in the right deployment of people to ensure the best client outcomes.​

We have grown organically and steadily over the years – a deliberate strategy. To enable us to serve our clients as well as we can, we have always hired selectively and taken the time necessary to find excellent people. ​

We continue to believe that consultants are at their best when they have the chance to apply their skills across a range of work, from strategy through to delivery and seeing change through to its conclusion. Clients also benefit from their consultants having worked across a range of industries and sectors - generating fresh thinking and perspective. Our partners continue to undertake client facing work and provide close support to our consultants on the challenging roles they undertake.​

In 2016, we opened our office in New York, responding to increasing client demand for an international presence. Since then, Berkeley has continued to expand on both sides of the Atlantic, enabling us to better serve our clients' needs.​

As Berkeley has grown, we have built specific expertise in most sectors and areas of work, but our primary specialism remains our ability to shape and deliver complex, critical and lasting transformational change. ​

Our approach has allowed Berkeley to develop long-term, trusted relationships with many organisations, both large and small. Most importantly, we have built enduring relationships with the individuals within these organisations, leading them to call on us again and again to be by their side when it matters most.​

Though much has changed over the years, we still hold the same values today as when we were first founded. We remain excited for Berkeley’s future, looking forward to partnering with clients old and new to achieve lasting results. ​