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S/4HANA migration

In 2027, SAP will end its support for Business Suite 7, which includes the ECC6 enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform. Organisations will be moved to consider the options open to them. 

Many are weighing up whether to stay on ECC6 with minimal support or migrate to its successor, S/4HANA. Others may be currently using an alternative ERP but are contemplating a switch to S/4HANA to enable best practice and/or business transformation.

ERP implementation has a reputation for being long, costly and difficult to achieve. S/4HANA migration could be one of the most complex and challenging programmes an organisation will undergo. If you are looking for a trusted partner to support you on this journey, Berkeley can help.

Trusted consultants working across the S/4HANA lifecycle

A table showing our capabilities across your S/4HANA transformation journey

Consultants experienced in S/4HANA-enabled transformation

The right path forward depends on your organisation’s appetite for change. Our transformation specialists can partner with you to assess the scale of transformation desired and how to ready your organisation, including changes to your operating model.

We can work with you to determine specific risks and mitigation, balancing both short- and long-term considerations.

Defining your S/4HANA migration strategy

Our consultants can help you define the S/4HANA migration strategy that’s right for your organisation, whether that’s adopting a brownfield, greenfield or hybrid approach. 

We also work with organisations to assess enablers – other components or modules that will complement S/4HANA to achieve the desired benefits. For organisations wishing to leverage better data and analytics, our consultants can partner with you on both strategy and delivery.

S/4HANA migration: creating the case for change

With our extensive experience of engaging senior stakeholders, our consultants can help you to build a compelling case for change that secures your leadership’s buy-in. We can work with you to identify the costs and benefits specific to your organisation’s unique circumstances and ensure these can be tracked during and beyond delivery. 

S/4HANA consultants who focus on value-driven delivery

At Berkeley, we always focus on our clients’ ultimate outcomes. Our approach to S/4HANA migration is not just to help manage a migration process but to realise true benefits, even while the journey is still underway. We can partner with you to create value throughout programme delivery, achieving success within a cost-constrained environment.

Our transformation experts can also ensure your programme remains on track by helping you build the right mix of teams, capabilities and partner ecosystem. We can additionally help you maintain senior-level support and programme buy-in throughout delivery and beyond.

Defining and delivering S/4HANA can seem daunting, but complex transformation is our speciality.  We have worked with many clients to help them navigate their unique S/4HANA journey, overcoming the challenges specific to them. Our focus is always to help clients realise the full benefits of their S/4HANA migration and business transformation.”

Sameera Simjee, Partner

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