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HR transformation

HR transformations can be difficult to achieve in a highly complex environment, causing ripple effects for the rest of your business. The Berkeley Partnership can help you successfully drive lasting change within your HR function to ensure long-term business outcomes.

An HR transformation consultancy that delivers high value

In highly complex HR environments, where causes can be nuanced and the effects long-term, successful transformation is all the more difficult to achieve. The complexities are multiplied by the many different ways that human resources affect every aspect of your business. 

But HR can deliver great value – from reducing inefficiencies and costs through to focusing your workforce more effectively on improving the performance of your business. You can’t afford to miss out on opportunities or get the task wrong. Drawing on our deep experience, we can help across all three main areas of HR transformation: setting HR strategy, driving business change in HR, and delivering systems and process changes.

Massive thank you for your contribution to our transformation journey - you have made a big difference and I shall be very sorry to see you go.”

HR Director, a manufacturing company

HR transformation consultants who tackle complex challenges

We can help you tackle your most high value, complex HR challenges – for example, larger systems-driven change in back-office processing, or smaller but equally complex projects in specialist areas, such as talent and resourcing.

By helping you gain a deeper understanding of the particular nuances and complexities of HR transformation, you’ll be able to more effectively mobilise and implement change.

An HR transformation consultancy that works at scale

You might be undertaking a number of projects at once, creating a big coordination challenge across business areas and requiring stakeholder engagement. Or maybe you want to make a substantial change in one area, such as overhauling learning and development across your business around the world. Either way, our consultants can help you achieve your desired outcomes – from working with you to set an HR transformation strategy through to planning and helping to lead the transformation.

HR transformations: setting direction and selling it in

With our critical skills and experience, we can help you set direction and define and sell in change across the business. Persuasion is everything when it comes to the HR challenges of driving business change. Working together, we can make a big difference in analysing, codifying and telling your HR transformation story to the wider business. With our help, you can connect your transformation in strong and positive ways to your wider business, allowing you to embed and sustain lasting change benefits.

HR transformation consultants who combine empathy with rigour

Our deep understanding of the HR function – its characteristics, role, issues, trends and developments – means we speak the language of HR. At the same time, we can apply our core project management rigour and skills to your particular HR environment, recognising your organisation and your situation are unique and require a tailored solution.

We also apply sharp intellect to help shape and tell your story, alongside critical stakeholder management skills. All ensuring we engage the right people across HR and the wider business to fully support your HR transformation strategy.

We combine our transformation expertise with a deep understanding of HR challenges. Working closely with you, we can connect your HR transformation strategy to the wider organisation and ensure your programme achieves real business outcomes.” 

Kirsty Nethersell, Partner

Clients often ask us…

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How do we successfully implement change when our HR challenges are so complex?

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How can we realise the full benefits of our HR transformation strategy?

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How do I achieve a successful HR transformation within my budget?

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How can I gain senior leadership buy-in for my HR transformation programme?

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How do I engage the wider business on my HR transformation strategy and secure their support?