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IT transformation

With digital technologies becoming increasingly central to business strategy, IT functions are fundamentally changing how they operate.

The digital revolution is impacting every organisation, in every sector. Growing customer expectations and a rapidly changing competitive landscape are putting technology and data at the heart of the business’s overall strategy, driving the need for fundamental transformation.

IT transformation that tackles complex change

IT functions need to change to respond to the demands of the business. That change is highly complex in nature. It impacts every element of how an IT function works. It blurs the lines between the business and IT, who must now work closer together than ever before: rapidly deploying new digital capabilities; driving insight from data; refreshing core platforms; supporting collaboration across teams; whilst keeping the business operational and its customers safe.

To support this, IT functions need to:

  • Restructure away from functional department to multi-disciplinary product teams
  • Introduce governance, organisational structures and roles that focus on data and its exploitation
  • Put in place tools and ways of working that support agile and DevOps approaches
  • Access scarce capabilities – people who understand new technologies and ways of working

If you’re looking for an IT transformation consultancy to support you on this critical journey, Berkeley can help. We’ve enabled many of our clients to successfully navigate the complexities of the changes required to achieve the key benefits. 

We were really pleased with the contribution of Berkeley throughout the project. We relied on the consultants’ thoroughness in planning, good preparation, integrity in advice for decision-making, and overall project management. This was particularly important because we were working with a team of [client company] people from different management groups, as well as several different providers across numerous international locations. The team delivered the project on time, within budget and it was one of the smoothest ‘go-lives’ of any project in recent times. A job well done by Berkeley and indeed everyone involved.”

VP Information Manager, a consumer goods company

IT transformation to exploit new technology

Partnering with Berkeley’s IT transformation consultants gives you access to scarce capabilities with practical experience of new digital technologies and new ways of working. This accelerates your ability to adopt and deploy these new technologies and to drive better insight from data, differentiating your business in an increasingly dynamic, competitive and demanding marketplace. 

IT transformation to respond to new opportunities and threats

A successful IT transformation will make your organisation more agile – able to quickly exploit new opportunities and respond to new threats. 

With our support, you can restructure a potentially outdated, functional IT department structure towards multi-disciplinary product teams. Our IT transformation consultants can help you put in place new tools and ways of working that support agile and DevOps approaches.

IT transformation to ensure operational resilience and security

Throughout your IT transformation, you must keep your organisation operationally resilient and secure. Our consultants can help you to build the necessary capabilities that will keep both the business and its customers safe and operational in a more interconnected and IT-dependant world.

An IT transformation consultancy that understands the whole business

Whether setting strategy or helping deliver the change, Berkeley takes a broad and comprehensive approach to IT transformation. We have deep expertise in all the elements involved: from the organisational structure; to skills and capabilities; to the technologies, tools, and processes. We also understand how these need to come together in a coherent and pragmatic way. 

Our approach to IT transformation consulting looks beyond IT as a function, and considers the change required across the whole business. This includes helping executive teams and boards understand new approaches to governing and directing their investments in technology. 

If you are on a critical journey towards becoming a truly digital business, we can help you get there more quickly and more securely.

As the digital revolution continues, it is putting IT at the heart of business growth. To exploit this, organisations need to successfully transform all elements of their current IT capabilities – breaking down traditional boundaries between IT and the business.”

Simon Close, Partner

Clients often ask us…

Question 1

How do I best educate the board on IT and digital technologies so they can make the right strategic decisions?

Question 2

How can I get my executive team to understand how digital can drive our business strategy?

Question 3

How can I use technology to differentiate my offering?

Question 4

How do I move my current ways of working to a more agile or digital approach while maintaining operational services?

Question 5

How do I get access to the scarce skills I need to deliver complex IT and digital change?

Question 6

How do I persuade my current team to buy into and support transformation?

Question 7

How do I get the business to a sufficient level of understanding on IT, digital and data so these can be fully exploited?