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AI strategy and transformation

Our transformation consultants can help you develop an effective artificial intelligence (AI) strategy and build the right capability to achieve your ultimate business objectives.

AI consulting services to give you clarity

AI technology will transform businesses in unprecedented ways. It will enable greater productivity and efficiencies, drive innovation for customers, and grow the top line, while reshaping the organisation along the way. Whether you’re excited for these developments or nervous over the anticipated fallout, you’ll need to be ready.
With AI innovation moving so rapidly, many leaders find it difficult to assess how AI will impact their organisation, how to implement the technology effectively and with whom they need to work.

While many of the best practice principles for technology-led transformation will still apply, AI brings unique challenges that organisations will not have had to consider previously, such as ethical implications, data-handling, and potential impacts on the workforce. If you’re looking for AI consulting services to cut through the complexity, Berkeley are transformation experts who can help.

Ethical AI consulting 

Ethics lies at the core of AI, with recent developments highlighting various ethical challenges, such as bias, breeches to policy and law, potential malpractice and accountability over decision-making. Every organisation will need to start their AI journey by engaging with these issues. 

Trust has become the new currency for organisations implementing AI. At Berkeley, our own values have always emphasised trust and transparency, aligning us with organisations seeking to ensure the same with their AI. Doing the right thing has always been at the heart of our approach to transformation. We don’t just focus on helping clients implement technology, but on working together to build a positive and lasting legacy. 

Drawing from the latest ethical frameworks, guidance and best practice, we can help you to establish your organisation’s own ethical principles and governance for AI, addressing the concerns of your customers, staff and wider stakeholders. 

AI strategy consulting services  

AI is a means to an end, not the end itself. As with many technologies, just because you can implement a solution, doesn’t mean that you necessarily should. Organisations need to think strategically if AI is to help them realise the desired business benefits. We can partner with you to develop an effective AI strategy, defining the needs and goals of your organisation, how AI can meet them and how to measure success.

As AI continues to evolve at pace, many organisations will find it necessary to seek help and support from various third parties. With our strong track record in managing multi-party transformations, Berkeley can help you identify the right strategic partnership opportunities.

Applying creativity and ingenuity, our AI consultants work to understand our clients’ existing systems, processes and culture and how AI should be integrated. This includes getting to the heart of the ultimate business goals you are seeking to achieve, identifying the current capabilities that AI can augment or replace, and working with you on a realistic timeframe for AI implementation.

As experienced transformation professionals, our approach will always account for the wider business context, helping you to build an AI strategy that’s both ambitious and actionable.

AI consultants to help you build skills and experience

Building your AI capability will require new skills and experience. This will likely involve upskilling in conventional technical roles, such as product owners. It may also involve developing new teams in data science, machine learning, deep learning, prompt engineering or ethics. 

Our AI consultants can help you to assess how to build and invest in the skill set you need, and how to keep pace with the rapid developments of AI innovation. In our work, we’ll go further than just building a team. We can help you to foster a culture of creativity, collaboration and learning to ensure the longevity of your AI practice. 

The size of your business and the scale of your aspirations will likely dictate your ability to hire the right talent. Berkeley’s AI consultancy expertise can help you determine the right balance between the skills you build in-house versus those you buy in from third parties, always considering your long-term objectives.

Consultants to help you lead AI delivery

If you have established your vision for AI but are struggling to translate this into actionable steps, we can support you to design a roadmap for delivery. Our AI consultants provide the transformation leadership expertise to get your programme moving, partnering with your in-house and third-party subject matter experts, such as data scientists and technical product owners. Through this collaboration, we can identify the delivery method, AI model, team structure and governance that’s right for your organisation.  

Of course, there’s no AI without data. With our expertise in data strategy and delivery, we can help determine the data assessments you need before you begin, and how to collect and analyse feedback data during and after implementation. 

As a fully independent consultancy, we have deep experience of working with various delivery partners and suppliers. Our consultants can help you to contract appropriately and establish trusted working relationships that will deliver your desired outcomes.

AI consultants with transformation expertise

Berkeley consultants are independent, creative thinkers. We don't apply a single standard AI model or set of tools. Instead, we take a holistic approach to our client work, developing bespoke solutions that are right for each organisation’s unique needs.

We deploy small teams with deep transformation expertise, placing them into key roles to partner effectively with client and third-party teams. Our AI consultants work as an extension of your leadership team, bringing all stakeholders together around common goals and driving action that delivers results.

Many leaders anticipate the disruptive potential of AI but are unclear how to begin harnessing that power. AI implementation could be one of the most complex, game-changing technology transformations that your business undergoes. Berkeley are transformation experts who can partner with you on your AI journey. From establishing ethics, building a strategy, identifying priority use cases to leading a successful implementation, we can work together to find the right answers for your organisation.”

Richard Bryant, Partner 

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