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Stuart Greenwood

Strategy & Transformation Director, Global Business Operations, Dentsu International

1Why did you join Berkeley?

Before I joined Berkeley, I was at Accenture, where I really enjoyed the delivery side of consulting. After I made senior manager, I didn’t see anything for me in that career path, as I would have had to move from delivery into more of a sales role.

I was considering going into industry, but then I discovered Berkeley and a different way of doing consulting. The opportunity to do true high value consulting, across a range of disciplines and industries, for a smaller partnership with a strong ethical foundation, appealed to me.

2What did you get out of your time at Berkeley?

The variety of work and the flat structure were the two biggest things.

Consultants were given autonomy, with appropriate delivery support from a partner, while another dedicated partner supported your development. There was always someone to help you ensure your engagement was a success, and also someone to ensure your career was a success.

3Where did you go after Berkeley?

I went to Dentsu, a global media agency. They invited me to interview for the Strategy and Transformation Director position because it was effectively an extension of the role I was doing at the time. As a Berkeley consultant, I’d been working client-side with them for a year beforehand, so the team and I knew each other really well.

Berkeley was very supportive of that conversation, and I was able to be very open with both my PD partner and my team on the ground. It gave me a smooth transition from a consulting role to industry.

4What did you learn during your time with Berkeley that you found most helpful for the next phase of your career?

The ability to absorb a lot of complex information and then, to present it in a simplified and structured way to help executive-level stakeholders make key decisions.