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Letter from America

He’s no Alistair Cooke, but Neil McClumpha, our Partner leading Berkeley’s newly established US office, reports back on the first six months.

The Berkeley Partnership US LP officially came into being in November 2016. Fate must have had a hand in the timing; November 1990 being the founding month of the Berkeley Partnership 26 years earlier. The experience of giving birth to our upstart US sibling was akin to being breech; we had to change position a couple of times to qualify for the desired taxation and immigration treatment before alighting on an entity structure that worked for the majority of US state jurisdictions, just not New York! 

The combined might of legal minds on both sides of the pond managed to address the complications, however, and we are now transacting business through our US operation, with two partners and four consultants actively engaged across three clients. Despite being three months overdue, we are keeping up with our first year growth plan, and all vital signs are positive!