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Aimée Price

Consultant, UK

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Aimée Price

Consultant, UK

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1Why did you join Berkeley?

I always enjoyed truly partnering with and getting alongside clients and I knew that Berkeley did that in an authentic and integral way. It sounds simple but happy and cared for people also just collaborate better, deliver higher quality work, and bring that care and attention into everything that they do, and Berkeley really do care about their people. That ethos and the value of ‘doing the right thing’ very much appealed to me.

2What’s the most important thing you learned at Berkeley?

That the power of the collective is a superpower! The firm is made up of lots of vibrant and intelligent individuals, but they are truly driven by supporting each other and our clients. There is a real recognition that we can learn a lot from each other and our experiences and drawing on this collective knowledge means we find better solutions for our clients. There is no time wasted obsessing over hierarchies or focusing on internal competition, unless of course it’s anything apart from work – cooking, cycling, running, the list goes on!

3What are you passionate about in life?

There is a quote I read once which is, "learning and experience is the antithesis to othering". I am passionate about learning about other people, cultures (and trying food from all over the world!) and I am a real history nerd, enjoying exploring what our past can teach us.

I think that we always have more to learn and experience and we need to constantly examine our own biases and views to make the workplace and the world a more inclusive place. This only happens through constant challenge and change - something I really care about, not just in work but throughout my life.