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Daria Voskoboynikov

Consultant, US

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Daria Voskoboynikov

Consultant, US

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1Why did you join Berkeley?

In my previous job, I became increasingly aware that I was not looking forward to the next promotion anymore. I felt a lack of community and support, and was generally not excited about work. I was looking for a change. Enter Berkeley!

I was so lucky to hear about Berkeley at the right time, and after my first interview, I was hooked. From the beginning, all the people I spoke to were smart, kind, interesting, and emotionally intelligent – not to mention just fun to be around! They were working on interesting projects with interesting clients and there was a sense of community here that I had not felt before. I was lucky to get an offer from Berkeley and from there, I had an easy decision to make.

2What types of engagements excite you the most?

Surprisingly, I have come to love working on longer-term technology projects, such as implementation and building digital products. When I first started in consulting I was ‘stuck’ on a long-term tech implementation and I felt I was missing out on the cooler, short-term strategy projects.

Although I’ve loved working on assessments and target state designs, I’ve come to value the depth of the relationships I’m able to develop with my clients on a longer engagement. Working on a technology project, I also get to better understand the details of the business that I wouldn’t necessarily get to absorb on a quicker assessment.

3Why did you become a management consultant?

I decided to become a management consultant because essentially… I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. This might resonate for a few other consultants. I wanted a job where I could explore different projects and various roles. I became a consultant straight out of college – though I thought I would eventually move on to something else, I haven’t found another job that is more satisfying.

We get to work on the most complex problems with people who are incredibly knowledgeable. I enjoy having variety in my work and also getting to meet new people and help them get where they need to go.