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Felix Dieppe

Consultant, UK

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Felix Dieppe

Consultant, UK

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1Why did you join Berkeley?

I joined Berkeley for two main reasons; firstly, I was attracted by the firm’s unique culture and structure. I had previously worked in a much larger organisation, and I was excited by the prospect that I could get to know everybody in the firm. Secondly, I wanted to broaden my horizons, both in terms of industry and the scale of the engagements I supported. During the interview process, the partners I met gave countless examples of typical Berkeley projects, and it was clear that they were consistently those that mattered most to the client. I’ve always enjoyed working on engagements that have a transformative impact on a client’s business, and I could see that Berkeley would give me that opportunity time after time. 

2What’s the most important thing you’ve learned in your career so far?

This is an easy one for me - never be afraid to ask for help. I think we are programmed to be a little nervous about seeking support, particularly in a professional context, and it is therefore tempting to try and make it on your own. Throughout my career, I have had countless examples of the value of seeking support, but it was perhaps most noticeable to me when I commissioned into the British Army and took over management of an experienced team of soldiers. It was critical to the effective running of our team that I regularly asked for their advice and support, as any attempt to go it alone was quickly seen-through. Asking for help when approaching a new problem is a skill that I have taken with me throughout my consulting career, and it has directly impacted the results that I am able to bring to bear for my clients.

3What are you passionate about in life? 

First and foremost, my family. I am married and have two small children who quite rightly take-up majority of my time outside of work. Weekends generally consist of running between clubs, birthday parties, playdates and frankly anything else that we can think of to keep them entertained. I love spending time with my family and find it immediately enables me to focus on something outside of work, which it is a great tonic to a busy week in the office. 

Outside of my family life, I’m also passionate about travel, food and sport. I was lucky enough to grow up in various countries around the world, and I have never lost that joy of exploring new places, cultures and cuisines. I’ve sadly hung-up my boots when it comes to playing most sports, but I avidly follow cricket and rugby (and whatever else is on TV). That said, I’ve recently got into golf and while I am in no way competitive, I’m always keen to jump out onto the course when the opportunity arises.