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Joanne Healey

Consultant, UK

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Joanne Healey

Consultant, UK

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1What’s different about Berkeley for you?

I love consulting for the variety of work, clients and sectors, so Berkeley was a natural fit for me. However, what I have truly valued so far is the passion and kindness that each colleague has demonstrated. The culture of Berkeley is what sets it apart from many other management consultancy firms. There is a huge focus on not only ‘doing the right thing’ for our clients, but also ‘doing what stretches us’ that really tests your consultancy skills and helps you grow as an individual.

2What types of work projects excite you the most?

I love to solve problems for my clients. This can often mean that I delve into the lower level of detail to extract data, group this data into trends or themes and present this as an overarching governing thought that makes it readily available to a wide audience.

I also like to work on projects that either add value to my clients through the implementation of new service lines, products or capabilities or turning around a particular challenging project and seeing it through to successful delivery.

3What might people be interested in knowing about you? 

I have a doctorate in Physics and my studies focussed on manufacturing high quality and tunable superconducting coplanar resonators that are used in quantum technology. So, you may be asking yourself, how is that relevant to consulting? Well, there are many transferrable skills such as conducting evidenced-based research, working autonomously, working with ambiguity, and collaborating with others from different universities and institutions. These skills are very necessary for a long and successful career in consulting