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Rory Sands

Consultant, UK

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Rory Sands

Consultant, UK

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What’s different about Berkeley for you?

Where to start… 

  1. The coaching. As consultants we’re given the support and coaching from the partners which is unparalleled in any other consulting firm. With a ratio of one partner to every three/four consultants, we can utilise their experience to ensure that we’re doing and recommending the right thing for our clients at every stage of our projects. 
  2. The culture is really different here. There are no promotions and a completely flat hierarchy at Berkeley meaning that there’s no pressure to “beat” your peers every six months during performance evaluations, like at other firms. This means that everyone is supportive and genuinely wants to help if they can provide guidance on a problem that they’ve dealt with at other clients. 
  3. Everyone at the firm genuinely wants to do the best work for their clients. We believe in long term relationships with our clients and not having sales targets ensures we never feel the pressure to do the wrong thing.
  4. The broad variety of work. I love that, having never done strategy work or ever working outside of the communications and media industry, my second assignment at Berkeley was in the mining industry, working on an operating model design. It means we get broad experience from across industries and types of work, which we’re able to draw on to bring the best solution to our clients problems instead of looking at a problem and how to resolve it through a lens of a specific specialisation.  

There are plenty more but these are certainly enough to be getting on with...!


What’s the most important thing you learned at Berkeley?

To always do the right thing for the client. It’s something that I’ve always believed in but felt at previous employers was difficult to put into practice due to pressures to sell and deliver within a niche of expertise. At Berkeley we view problems holistically and will recommend solutions that will deliver the outcome that’s needed. That solution may not be what our client wanted initially though and sometimes I might not be the right person for the role, but it’s all comes back to doing the right thing and maintaining a long term, trusted partnership between ourselves and our clients.

3  What might people be interested in knowing about you?

I’m a bit fitness mad and I love to cook. I play rugby for Battersea Ironsides, I’ve completed eight Tough Mudders, and I’m in the gym most days. To recover you can find me most weekends slow cooking and smoking a random cut of meat on my BBQ. My camera roll is full of pictures of tomahawk steaks, beer-can chickens and huge briskets.