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Ross Venus

Consultant, US

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Ross Venus

Consultant, US

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Why did you join Berkeley?

I joined Berkeley to broaden my range of experiences and to accelerate my professional development. Berkeley actively encourages consultants to work across a variety of sectors and clients, this was a huge attraction to me personally - with talent mobility across industry groups notoriously challenging in many consulting organisations. 

I had spent the majority of my career to date within retail banking. However shortly after joining Berkeley I was given the opportunity to work in Lima, Peru mobilising a major operational readiness programme for an FTSE 40 mining company. I found this change in environment and context hugely motivating and the project itself is a career highlight. 


What’s been your biggest professional accomplishment? 

During my time at Accenture I was working for the customer services function within a large UK retail bank. My engagement was focused around developing solutions to aid customers in financial difficulty. Our solutions made a tangible difference to a significant number of people lives and helped the client keep its commitments to the regulator. The success of the work contributed to an expansion of our capabilities and toolsets within the bank and ultimately further increased the impact we made to the client’s customers.

The customer was at the heart of what we were trying to do and the collective desire to deliver against such an important and tangible outcome was incredibly fulfilling.

3  What are your values and how have they informed your career?

There are two values that resonate with me the most:authenticity and transparency.  

For me, being authentic means bringing yourself to work. I am a big believer that this makes the working environment a lot more enjoyable and a lot more interesting. The people in my career that have left the biggest impression on me have always displayed that quality, and I will always try and do the same. 

I believe transparency is a foundational quality for a good management consultant. Without it you will not build trust and without this everything becomes a lot harder. I have learned that being open and honest in times of challenge and conflict is the only way to be granted the same courtesy from those around you.