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Justin Smith

Consultant, UK

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Justin Smith

Consultant, UK

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1Why did you join Berkeley?

I joined Berkeley because it’s different to other consultancies. Our first priority is always doing what’s right for the client, even if that means having to have uncomfortable conversations. It’s refreshing to be part of an organisation that is willing to put those types of values first, rather than just the numbers. 

And also because the people I work with on a daily basis share the same values. We’re all different people from different backgrounds and with different experiences, but we’re all in it for the same thing – doing the right thing. Plus, they’re a whole lot of fun to work with!

2What types of engagements excite you the most?

The ambiguous ones. 

Many of the organisations we work with come to us when they need help solving big, complex problems that don’t have an easy or obvious answer. Sometimes it’s about defining the right strategy for the client, other times it’s about helping them navigate complicated programme delivery or working with them to shake up their operating model

These types of engagements never have one clear answer, so being able roll up your sleeves and work through it together, side-by-side with a client, is a whole lot of fun. Challenging for sure, but rewarding in the long run. And it’s the experience you learn and the relationships you build out of those that make it feel worthwhile.

3What might people be interested in knowing about you?

I’m an expat who’s lived in London for over a decade now. At this point I’ve spent nearly a third of my life in Canada, a third in the US and a third in the UK. And although I don’t think I’ll ever quite have the accent, the UK is definitely home for me. 

Though if I’m honest, I can be known to shift my allegiance during the World Cup when the time is right…