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Adapting agile techniques for a hybrid approach

Dave Machin, Partner at The Berkeley Partnership comments on the adapting agile techniques.

Source: Raconteur

Understanding which parts of agile are applicable and appropriate to a change programme is key to a successful outcome

The pursuit of the “agile business”, where multidisciplinary teams focus on solving business problems through the continuous evolution of capability, is seen as a response to the frequent failure of large, “waterfall” business change programmes.

But many organisations have mature financial and quality-control mechanisms that have been built around traditional waterfall ways of working. So when should you “go agile” and when should you stick to a traditional waterfall approach? This is a question that has confused many organisations as they prepare to undertake major programmes of business change. And it is a question that, according to Dave Machin, partner at The Berkeley Partnership, suggests they haven’t fully grasped what “agile” means.

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