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Organisational effectiveness

Our consultants partner with clients to identify and address organisational barriers to effective working, empowering leaders and teams to achieve better outcomes.

Improving organisational effectiveness should be a top priority for leadership

Increasingly, leaders understand that organisational effectiveness is key to driving people and business goals – but many are unclear on what it is, and how to improve it.

What is organisational effectiveness?

Organisational effectiveness is the ability of an organisation to successfully fulfil its purpose and achieve its desired goals.

It isn’t just organisation design and implementation, or a euphemism for re-structuring and downsizing the organisation, or culture change. Organisational effectiveness is the product of the whole system of an organisation, including its strategy, operations, people, and intangible elements, such as values, team dynamics and ways of working. More importantly, it’s about the inter-relationship between these elements: how they support and impact each other.


As organisations grow, it can be challenging to maintain effectiveness. Siloed working, duplication of effort, inefficiencies and lowered productivity can ultimately prevent your company from reaching the outcomes it wants to achieve.

Finding and executing solutions to these issues can feel complex and overwhelming. But with our expertise in transformation, Berkeley can help. Our consultants will provide an independent, expert assessment of your organisation’s effectiveness, and partner with you to identify and deliver the pragmatic changes that will make a real difference.

Organisational effectiveness consultants who help you align all the important elements

Improving organisational effectiveness requires holistic focus on both tangible elements, such as strategy and operating model, and the intangible, such as values, behaviours and team dynamics. These are closely interdependent, and changing one element can have unforeseen consequences on the other.

Leaders tend to focus on the tangible elements, particularly under pressure, because they are more accessible and controllable. Changing the intangibles is also more difficult because it often requires leaders to look within themselves first.

Our consultants will help you to achieve true transformation, delivering the required change across many or all of these elements at the same time.


Consulting help that delivers clarity and real solutions to your organisational effectiveness challenges

Often, leaders within an organisation will have differing opinions on the causes of ineffectiveness and how to address them. It can be challenging to build an objective evidence base and develop a concrete plan of action.

Our Berkeley Organisation Diagnostic Tool can provide the objective, qualitative assessment that offers constructive challenge to the leadership and wider organisation, and prompts the robust discussion needed to drive practical action.

Berkeley can then partner with you to identify and deliver the necessary interventions that will make a real difference to organisational effectiveness. This can range from strategy development, operating model and organisation design, all the way through to offering support via individual leadership and team coaching.

Organisational effectiveness consulting that achieves long-lasting outcomes

At the most fundamental level, all of our work at Berkeley is about improving organisational effectiveness, whether that’s through operating model design, strategy, or project transformation. Our deep cross-sector experience and broad transformation expertise enables us to understand and address all the factors that impact organisational effectiveness.

Our consultants consider the whole system and how those elements influence each other. This enables us to tackle the real root causes, not just the symptoms – looking beyond the immediate questions to focus on the ultimate outcomes you want to achieve.

Leaders who understand how their organisation really works, rather than how they think it should work on paper, can use this to their advantage. Berkeley can help you understand the tangible and intangible elements that are driving current performance and the changes that will transform organisational effectiveness.

Simon Close, Partner

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