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Programme mobilisation

Good programme mobilisation is the essential bridge between the strategy you’ve developed and the programmes that will deliver it

Done properly, project and programme mobilisation will create the foundation for your strategy to flow through into your change programmes and keep everything fully aligned. The Berkeley Partnership can help you at this vital stage – bringing a fresh perspective, creativity and constructive challenge to assure your programme’s success.

Turning a good idea into a successful programme that delivers

Too often, managers and directors underestimate what it takes to set up for success; believing they have the necessary experience in-house, or that an outsourced systems integrator will do the job for them, resulting in disruptions to the programme later down the line. 

Our management consultants work on programmes across all stages of the project lifecycle, including establishing large scale transformation programmes so we know first-hand what it takes to set-up for success. 

We benefited greatly from Berkeley’s contribution in programme and stakeholder management. They were able to bring expertise and skills in combination with sound methodology, approach and tools to get the various initiatives in the programme kicked off. Their insights into how to structure the programme, how to staff it, how to prioritise, etc. really helped in decoding a complex set of 70 plus projects.”

A media and entertainment sector client

Successful programme mobilisation starts early

The Berkeley Partnership believes that investing in the right expert help up front in project mobilisation is critical to create and deliver the correct programme, on time and to budget. The money you invest early on to form a compelling proposition, engage with the right stakeholders and build a team that can deliver, is far less than any future amount you might have to spend to fix any complications created by being under-prepared.

Get your programme off to a good start

Know what you want and why

  • Have a robust strategic rationale and business case
  • Position the programme alongside other programmes and projects
  • Understand how you will change the operating model
  • Have a coherent roadmap of clearly scoped initiatives

Gain the support of key people

  • Secure active sponsorship by your leaders
  • Strong engagement with key stakeholders
  • Ensure robust governance

Deliver on your promises

  • Understand the skills and capabilities required for your team and how these will need to adapt during the programme lifecycle
  • Structure the team for maximum effectiveness
  • Embed the right ways of working from the start

Successful programme mobilisation takes time

Mobilising a programme effectively takes time. There are many angles to consider, many alternatives available. Resist the temptation to dive into the work as your timeframes are tight and you want to promote a sense of urgency. Give your team time to come up to the level of understanding that you have, and let them feel involvement and ownership for delivery. Time invested in effective programme set-up will prove to be time well spent. 

The formative weeks and months of your programme are almost always the most critical.”


Clients often ask us…

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How do I set the foundations of success for my transformation programme?

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How do I optimise my project workstreams?

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How do I ensure my plan supports my business objectives?

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What’s the best way to organise and resource my delivery team?

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Which are the best forms of governance to keep us on track?

Question 6

What resources do I really need for successful programme mobilisation?

Question 7

How can I ensure my leadership team give me the support I need to drive this project forward?