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Alexis Gray

Marketing Director, UK

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Alexis Gray

Marketing Director, UK

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What do you like most about Berkeley?

Undoubtedly Berkeley’s people and culture. The manifestation of these things can seem so intangible but the difference between Berkeley and other firms I’ve worked with is almost palpable. All of Berkeley’s people have a strong sense of humanity, kindness and client focus that leads to great work and a close feeling of community and collegial collaboration. It makes it so satisfying to work here.


What’s been your biggest professional accomplishment?

Launching a £300m business to market for one of the Big 4 consultancies during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. I had to completely rethink our approach for a world functioning in lockdown. This meant I changed our messaging, shifted to digital-only channels, altered our budget and resources accordingly and still met our deadline and objectives – all while my team was adjusting to new ways of working and balancing health and wellbeing. The pressure was immense but we did it with aplomb!

3  What might people be interested in knowing about you?

I’ve raced Germany’s Nürburgring (all 13 miles / 21km of it) and experienced quite the rush at 140mph with great tunes blaring loudly through my speakers and motorbikes speeding by. What a thrill! Slightly less adrenaline-fueled but interesting nonetheless was making the final on BBC1’s Pointless game show. I’ll leave you to find and watch the episode to see how I fared.