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Chris Doughty

Consultant, UK

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Chris Doughty

Consultant, UK

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Why did you join Berkeley? 

I joined Berkeley so that I could continue my consulting career for the reasons that I started it – to work with a wide variety of clients in a range of industries and to carry out different types of work. Having spent the first nine years of my career at a Big 4 Consulting practice, to progress further I was required to specialise in either an industry or capability area. This career path felt uncomfortable to me and as a result I was on the lookout for consulting firms that could match my career aspirations.

Knowing a few past colleagues who had joined Berkeley previously and all of them giving exceptionally positive feedback about their move, I wanted to understand whether it was too good to be true! I am pleased to say that this certainly was not the case and from my first interactions with Berkeley, the firm’s professionalism, collegiate nature and collaborative atmosphere shone through. In my time at the firm to date I am also delighted to say that I have been able to work at a number of different clients, from FMCG to mining industries and have completed work from programme and change management to strategy and operating model development

2  What types of engagements excite you the most?

The type of engagements that excite me the most are complex and transformational programme delivery lead roles.  I find it hugely motivating to take a challenging delivery environment, understand the motivating factors behind a change programme and then work with others to define a realistic and pragmatic approach and plan to achieving the outcomes required from the transformation. I am naturally a person that likes structure and being methodical about planning. As such, these types of role suit my skillset well and I find it very satisfying to see the tangible results of the work that has been planned and the benefits of the transformation that are realised for the client organisation, teams and individuals.  

3  Why did you become a management consultant? 

I became a management consultant as I am a problem solver and enjoy the experience of understanding and dissecting a challenge, working with others to co-create a solution and putting that into practice. 

Management consulting provides ample opportunities to complete this type of work and I am also motivated by the opportunity of working within a wide variety of different contexts and environments.  Through my work I am able to experience different industries, work across a range of different clients and to build and develop my skillset through work on a host of different types of project all the way through from strategy and operating model development to programme and change management. There is nothing more motivating to me than getting stuck into a difficult challenge and working with others to get to the right answer!