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David Irish

Partner, UK

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David Irish

Partner, UK

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1 Why did you join Berkeley?

There are two main reasons why I joined Berkeley. Firstly, the prospect of working on exciting and intellectually stimulating client engagements. I was at a point in my career where the time I was spending on real client work was reducing, and the time spent on sales or internal administration was increasing. I really wanted to get back to doing client work as that is what I enjoy, and the type of work Berkeley does and the level it operates at was very attractive to me.

The second reason revolved around Berkeley’s values. During the interview process I met four of the firm's partners, and through each interaction I got a real sense of the Berkeley values that run through everything we do – trust, support, collaboration and a real drive to just do really good, high quality work for our clients. It was a breath of fresh air and it was an easy decision when the offer to join Berkeley came along. 

2 What types of work projects excite you the most?

Consultants like to fix things, and I am no different. The projects that excite me the most are ones where I can see a problem that needs to be fixed and I can put everything in to fixing it for my client. That leaves me open to a very broad range of projects that will peak my interest, whether it’s a program turnaround; the need for a new IT operating model; setting up of a global transformation office or running a large ERP implementation. This desire to fix things has meant I am a proud ‘generalist’, and not tied to a specific industry or service line. I like that because the problems constantly vary and change depending on the sector or service I am engaged in, it keeps me on my toes and constantly challenges me.

3 What are you passionate about in life?

Family, friends, food, travel and sport. I am lucky enough to have an incredible family – married, two small children, two brothers and many close family relatives. They and my friends keep me sane, grounded and give me advice when its needed.

Food – I love to explore new cuisines and new restaurants; London is full of them! I have been lucky enough to travel a bit and wherever I go I am always keen to find a good place for a meal.

Speaking of travel, I have also been lucky enough to spend four years in New York with Berkeley, and I fell in love with the city and with America as a whole. So many fantastic places to visit, I barely scratched the surface.

Finally, sports – watching more now than playing. Whenever I get the chance I enjoy heading to the cricket, football or rugby and watch people at the top of their game compete. The only sport I continue to play is golf, where I am neither at the top of my game or competitive, but I enjoy it!