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Mark Stafford

Partner, UK

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Mark Stafford

Partner, UK

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1What’s different about Berkeley for you?

The unique way we work with our clients – working alongside and as an integral part of their team. From the moment I joined Berkeley, I’ve been given the autonomy and support to focus solely on doing the right thing for my clients to get the outcome they want and, through doing that, build strong trusted relationships.

Additionally, I work with, am supported by, and learn from really talented people within Berkeley who have both the EQ and IQ. These are people I enjoy working and socialising with – building strong relationships for life. Berkeley’s supportive culture is underpinned by a flat structure, and no individual sales or utilisation targets; no one is distracted by trying to get one over another. We genuinely draw on each other’s experience and support to help each of us do the best for our clients. This applies to everyone at Berkeley – the partners, consultants and business services team.

The Berkeley difference makes a clear impact: clients use us again and again. Most of our work is either through repeat business or through referrals.

When I was first introduced to Berkeley, it all sounded too good to be true, but the things that attracted me to Berkeley in the first place are still as strong as ever. I couldn’t think of working anywhere else.

2What’s the most important thing you learned at Berkeley?

The power of collaboration and coaching.

The founding partners deliberately designed Berkeley in a way to encourage a collaborative and supportive culture. Seeing this in action, and living and breathing this day to day, I see the benefits of drawing on each other’s strengths and experience, and gathering different perspectives and diversity of thinking to get to the best solution – whether that be for the client or for how Berkeley continues to be better. This is embedded in how we work and seen as a strength.

As one of the partners at Berkeley, I have qualified as a business coach, seeing the impact of non-directive coaching and helping people think through and address the challenges they are grappling with. As well as providing business coaching as a specific service to clients, I draw on my coaching skills in my day-to-day work both with clients and within Berkeley, helping me get the best out of people and teams.

3What might people be interested in knowing about you?

I lived for most of my early years in the Middle East, returning to the UK when I was 8 years old. I wonder if that’s what gave me a love for travelling and seeing the world, enjoying warm climates in particular.

It may also be how I developed a passion for flying – I used to sit in the cockpit (which can’t be done now!) on our flights back to the UK. I did some flying through the air cadets and then later learnt to fly while working in South Africa for nine months.
But I put this on hold after getting married and having children. Instead, I switched focus to another passion of mine – water sports (I enjoy most things on, in or under the water!) – which has been easier to pursue with family and friends. 
Perhaps I’ll return to the skies at some point in the future...