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Mike Durden-Higgins

Head of IT, UK

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Mike Durden-Higgins

Head of IT, UK

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What do you like most about Berkeley?

The thing I like most about Berkeley is the variety of work I have been involved with and the autonomy afforded to do the “right thing”. During my time at Berkeley, I have been involved in a wide range of projects, from office moves, laptop and mobile phone refreshes to information security and compliance.


What’s been your favourite piece of work and why?

My favourite piece of work at Berkeley was the office move. Back in 2018 we moved from our old premises at Chancery Lane to our current office at 20 Farringdon Street. After nearly eight months of planning, it was really rewarding when we opened the doors to the new office. So much time and effort had gone into the transition and aside from a few “minor” snags, it all went to plan.

3  What are your goals and aspirations?

For me, my goals and aspirations are focused on my ability to make a positive impact in both at work and life in general. I feel that my role at Berkeley allows me to do this on a day-to-day basis - anything from the small wins of just being able to help someone with a problem, to changes and projects that affect the whole firm.