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Richard Holmes

Consultant, UK

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Richard Holmes

Consultant, UK

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What’s different about Berkeley for our clients?

It has to be how we consistently put the client first in everything that we do. But what does that mean in practice? For me, that means that our assurance reviews are not box-ticking exercises but real, tangible feedback that the client can use immediately. Our strategies are independent and not designed for us to deliver a subsequent next stage. In delivery, we are focused on the client work and not distracted by other ‘extra-curricular’ activities. And finally, if we don’t get things right, holding our hands-up and addressing the issue rather than hiding behind a contract.


How have you helped clients achieve their aspirations?

This varies by client. At Primark, this was a lot of hard work for almost two years to deliver a really complex integrated set of IT solutions and seeing it pay off with a solution that offered significant improvements and will make a noticeable daily impact for over 100 buyers, who are all key to Primark’s success. At a global heavy equipment dealership, this was helping them to navigate complex internal politics to select a new IT solution and fairly presenting the benefits and disadvantages in a way that did not alienate any key stakeholders.

3  What are you passionate about in life?

My biggest passions are probably my family and travelling; I love experiencing new places and love being  a father. Although my son’s passport has seen little use due to Covid-19, I hope to instill a love for adventure and other cultures, with Japan being a particular favourite.