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Russell Sassoon

Consultant, UK

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Russell Sassoon

Consultant, UK

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Why did you join Berkeley?

I’ve always really enjoyed the challenge of a consulting project and am very eager to keep learning and developing as a management consultant. However, before Berkeley, I found the further I progressed in my consulting career, the less I got to consult! I moved to Berkeley because I wanted to work for a firm that truly prioritises my consulting experience and growth.

Since joining in the summer of 2018, I have worked in various new sectors and undertaken a host of interesting and stretching roles, including interim management, strategy development and programme leadership. Through all these roles, I’ve got invaluable support and guidance from my Berkeley colleagues – both from partners and other highly experienced consultants. This combination of great consulting experiences and close support has really accelerated the pace at which I’m developing – and I’m relishing it!


What’s been your biggest professional accomplishment? 

Earlier on in my consulting career, I helped a major police force modernise their call handling systems and improve the way they take, handle and respond to emergency and non-emergency calls. Working very closely with the police officers and staff in the call handling centres, I built up a strong understanding of current operations and was able to provide insight on how processes could be changed to reduce response times, whilst improving the accuracy of situational data. Once agreed, I was able to implement these changes across an organisation of over 2000 call handlers without impacting critical day-to-day operations.

Seeing the project I had delivered directly improve how calls from the public were handled and, therefore, improve how we are kept safe was massively rewarding. The exposure I got on this project also gave me a new-found admiration for call handlers in our emergency services and the vital role they play as our first port of call in an emergency.

3  Why did you become a management consultant?

I became a management consultant for a number of reasons. Firstly, I really enjoy working through complex problems and developing solutions that unlock tangible outcomes. Going to work and applying as much brain power as possible in the things I do is great fun to me!

Secondly, I really appreciate the variety of experiences you gain in consulting and the learning opportunities that this brings. No two projects or clients are ever the same. And last, but by no means least, I take great pleasure in meeting and getting to know new people through the different projects and engagements I am involved in. Some of my good friends today are old colleagues and clients from years ago.