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Victoria Jackson

Consultant, UK

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Victoria Jackson

Consultant, UK

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1What do you like most about Berkeley?

The culture at Berkeley is like no other. It's great to see how well everyone gets along. Across any project I feel supported and encouraged to do my best work.

Equally, there is a fantastic and diverse social side covering everyone’s interests and passions! From celebrating internationally recognised days to team days out.

I get a lot of autonomy and space at Berkeley to get to grips with complex client problems and solve them in the right way for the client. I enjoy having the freedom to deliver projects with my client but then having a colligate environment and supportive team to come back to at Berkeley. 

2What types of engagements excite you the most?

The most exciting engagements for me would have to be when I’m working on a complex delivery project. This is where I’m able to help a client, perhaps enabled by technology, and deliver end to end change throughout an organisation. I enjoy change management, digital transformations and anything with a technology focus.

I love working on a complex project and then seeing the client’s organisation brought forward in digital and technology. It's always interesting to see the whole organisation being supported and brought along on the change journey. It can be a challenge for a whole organisation to get to grips with new tech and data but it's exciting to achieve the end goal with everyone onboard.

3Why did you become a management consultant?

Throughout my education up until I was at university, I didn’t have a specific career in mind as I was interested in such a broad range of subjects and topics. I didn’t want to narrow down into a specific specialism or area for my career.

Luckily in the end, I realised that consulting was an avenue where I wouldn’t necessarily need to choose a specialism and could always work on a broad range of sectors and services, all with many different project needs.

Being able to work with clients on complex projects and alongside the support at Berkeley, I’m able to be inquisitive and come up with the best solutions for my clients, no matter the sector. I really enjoy a variety of work, mix of pace and learning from different projects to use on the next. My job in consultancy means everyday can be different with new goals and achievements.