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How we work

At The Berkeley Partnership, we pride ourselves on offering a different approach to management consulting - with our clients front and center in all that we do.

Management consulting that brings long-lasting change

Management consultancy is about delivering results. The Berkeley Partnership is driven by a commitment to quality, and we focus on creating strategies and delivering program that bring about substantive and lasting impact for your business. We believe transformation should make a tangible, enduring difference and better place your organization to meet future challenges and opportunities head on. 

Low volume, high value consulting

By deploying small teams of highly experienced management consultants into key roles within our clients’ businesses, we won’t overwhelm you by numbers or take months to produce results. Instead, we partner with you to help you realize your ambitions. Working as an extension of your leadership team enables us to bind together stakeholders and drive cross-organization activity.

Berkeley want to understand the people, the culture, and are very focused on what success will look like – and it’s more than transactional success. They invest in me as a potential client which is very reassuring.”

Chief Revenue Officer, a financial services company

Experienced management consultants

At The Berkeley Partnership, we choose to significantly invest in recruiting and retaining the very best talent in the management consulting market. We only recruit senior and experienced business consultants; our working model doesn’t utilize junior associates at all. On average, our consultants each have 14 years’ experience, while partners have 23 years’ experience.  

Flexibility and imagination through cross-sector and transformation expertise

Drawing on extensive experience across a wide array of sectors, our consultants combine their knowledge of your industry with imaginative, tailored approaches that are right for your individual business. If a project evolves, Berkeley consultants adapt their approach and remain focused on your goals. 

Doing what’s right for you

We have no sales or utilisation targets. Our people are only incentivised on the quality of their work and your feedback. This means our time and attention are squarely focused on results and ensuring we do the right thing for you. Each organisation faces its specific set of opportunities and challenges; there can be no off the shelf solutions – and that’s why everything we do supports your ambition.