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Coaching for transformational change

If you need to lead your organization through a period of transformational change, leadership coaching could boost your team's performance and the outcomes achieved. The Berkeley Partnership’s business coaches combine tailored coaching techniques with our rich consulting expertise.

Executive coaching: transforming leaders, transforming organizations

Business leaders increasingly find themselves guiding their organisations through periods of transformational change. It’s relatively easy for them to focus on strategy and building delivery capability – but what about the leadership role itself? How do you ensure you can be the best leader to help your organization through such change? 

The Berkeley Partnership can help. We provide executive coaching to both individuals and teams to build their leadership capability for business transformation. Our leadership coaches combine professional coaching skills with decades of experience in helping organizations transform under the most complex, challenging, and high-stakes circumstances. By supporting transformational change in individuals, we help them to lead transformational change in their organizations.

The Berkeley partner will always have time for a call or to drop me an email. The door is always open. That may be because we trust one another, as that way of working got established from the beginning. It’s efficient and quick.”

Head: Business Performance Management, Anglo American

Leadership coaching that supports organizational effectiveness

With the help of executive coaching, senior team members can lead from the front, championing the behaviors they believe should permeate through their organization.

More effective leadership can address issues of underperformance, and misalignment of purpose or priorities. 

This not only results in benefits to the individuals involved but also to the organization itself. Leaders who act as role models for their organizations can increase business performance and commercial results, align priorities with consistent focus, and better attract and retain talent.

Executive leadership coaching that enables better team performance

Business coaching can improve both team and individual performance. Better leadership leads to better team dynamics – the more intangible elements of an effective organization. Teams are better able to bring together complimentary skills and experiences to deliver results and achieve greater collective performance, especially through periods of complex transformational change. Most importantly, they will see higher levels of mutual satisfaction and enjoyment.

Business coaching that leads to better resilience

Building a strong and effective leadership team can give your organization greater resilience in the face of transformational change. Executive coaching can help leaders focus on the skills and qualities needed to navigate uncertainty and focus on the long-term.

Leadership coaching that’s tailored to your needs

Berkeley’s approach to executive leadership coaching means that no two coaching programs are identical. We tailor all coaching sessions to the team’s or individual’s unique context, leadership challenges and goals. We offer a powerful and complementary blend of non-directive coaching techniques, consultancy skills, expertise in transformational change, and broad-based personal experience. By focusing on the outcomes, and establishing clear milestones and measures of success, we ensure that our coaching offer delivers real results.


We don’t just coach our clients; we practise what we preach. We take the same coaching approach within our own business for our consultants. It’s an incredibly powerful tool, and we use it extensively to help our consultant, partner and business services teams deliver more effectively in their work with clients. This approach has delivered excellent results for individual consultants, for the firm as a whole, and for our clients. 

Our business coaching clients tell us they have benefited from a tremendous personal development and performance boost, helping them break through to new levels of confidence and capability.”

Richard Marsden, Partner

Clients often ask us…

Question 1

How do I become a better leader and get my team to listen to me?

Question 2

How do I get my people to step up to take responsibility and accountability?

Question 3

How do we break out of siloed working?

Question 4

How do I make effective decisions as a business leader?

Question 5

How can I become more confident in my own skills and abilities?

Coaching client story - turning around a pharmaceutical company‘s ERP programme

The Global HR Team was responsible for the roll out of a new ERP system and processes but five months before Go Live, still had much to do, without the bandwidth nor capability to do it. Berkeley were asked to take over and turn around delivery of the program's change management. Our work, including coaching, enabled the program board to make quick decisions and we then successfully drove delivery of critical change activities to enable a successful roll out impacting 80,000+ employees across 108 countries.