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Digital strategy and operating model

Developing and implementing a digital strategy can be a difficult proposition, as changes in customer expectations, efficiency opportunities and technology continue to accelerate. Our digital strategy consultants help our clients navigate these challenges, implement the right operating model and maximise how digital can support business strategy.

Digital strategy consulting that drives real value

All organizations need to adapt to ever-increasing levels of digital innovation and disruption and critically, to build this ability to respond into their businesses. Likewise, customers continue to demand more from digital services and ecommerce.

If you’re looking for digital strategy consultancy support to help you better harness technology, and maximize the ability of your operating model in support of this, The Berkeley Partnership are ideally placed to help.

Our digital strategy specialists can work with you to define your vision, the opportunities that exist, where the value lies, and how to unlock it.

Excellent subject matter expertise in the given space, and exceeding expectations at every step in the process.”

A media and entertainment sector client

Digital strategy consulting for growing market share

With a well-developed strategy, we can help you use technology and data more effectively to increase customer demand. The right digital strategy can help unlock new markets, and new marketing and sales channels. We work with our clients to help them become more agile and more reactive to the opportunities available. 

The right digital business strategy can improve your offer

Adopting an effective digital strategy and reacting the right way to the operational implications can help you better understand your customer, predict their needs and behaviors, and consequently improve your products and services. Our digital operating model specialists can help you become smarter with your technology and data use to drive more effective decision-making.

Digital strategy consulting for cost savings

Our consultants work with our clients to design digital operating models that enable cost efficiency agendas. We can help you assess where supply chain or internal operations can be automated or optimized through better technology use.

A digital strategy consultancy that builds your leadership

Our digital strategy consultants work alongside our clients, helping them to confidently explore all the options to exploit the change in digital capability and implement this successfully. As well as looking at the right technology and tools, we also help our clients consider the new leadership and organizational skills and capabilities required and how to build this in a sustainable way.

By acting as trusted partners, we can help you to build and take real ownership over a digital strategy. We help empower your people so that they can adopt a digital mindset and ensure successful outcomes for the long-term.

Organizational change principles are absolutely critical for an effective digital strategy, particularly in established companies. We’re very proud to have helped many successful organizations accelerate their digital journeys, combining decades of transformation expertise with experience in the latest digital approaches and technologies.” 

Will Rivers, Partner

Clients often ask us…

Question 1

Is now the right time to revisit our digital strategy?

Question 2

How can we develop a strategy to accelerate our digital journey?

Question 3

Over what timeframe should we execute our digital strategy?

Question 4

How can I ensure my digital strategy is ambitious yet still achievable?

Question 5

How can I ensure my digital strategy will keep pace with evolving technology?

Question 6

Is my digital operating model right for my organization?

Question 7

How do I make digital strategy stick in my organization?

Lead Partner

Will Rivers, Partner