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Diversity, equity and inclusion

Find out more about Berkeley's commitments to DE&I.

Berkeley’s diversity, equity and inclusion vision statement

Our vision has been developed to give us a clear and guiding ambition for our firm. Because achieving it will help Berkeley be the best it can be… in working with our clients, in ensuring our people flourish, in running our business, and in making a positive contribution to our communities.

We want...

...To be recognised by ourselves and those around us as a diverse and inclusive company that attracts, retains and develops diverse talent, where differences are harnessed, opportunity is equitable and where people feel safe to be their whole self.

‘Those around us’ includes our clients, our prospective recruits, our suppliers, our professional network, as well as our families and friends.

We aim to foster a warm, open culture of belonging that enables our people to fulfil their potential, no matter their background, ethnicity, sex, gender, sexuality, disability or working style.”

Will Rivers. Partner, DE&I Lead

Our goals

We have developed six goals to achieve each aspect of our Vision statement.

Goal 1

Foster an increasingly inclusive workplace. Where culture and ways of working ensure everyone is engaged and able to thrive. And where people feel open and confident discussing DE&I with anyone, at any time.

Goal 2

Increase diversity of our consultant group and business services group to fully represent the diversity in our recruitment pool.

Goal 3

Increase diversity of the intake of new partners to fully represent the diversity in our consultant group.

Goal 4

Be recognised as a company with diversity, equity and inclusion as a strategic priority and core value.

Goal 5

Use our professional skills to make a positive contribution towards diversity, equity and inclusion in the communities around us.

Goal 6

Continuously evolve and experiment with our Berkeley DE&I approach, by learning from the broader DE&I environment around us.