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HR strategy and operating model

If you want to ensure your HR function delivers real long-term business benefits, The Berkeley Partnership can help you develop the right HR strategy

HR strategy: a critical component of your business

Your HR strategy is one of the most powerful levers in achieving your business objectives, but the link is difficult to forge and maintain, while the impact can take time. Our HR strategy consultants can help you create that link – working closely with you to set a clear, succinct, owned and actionable HR strategy that really delivers long-term benefits for your business.

HR and business strategy aligned

Partnering with an HR strategy consultancy like Berkeley can help you gain a clear understanding of how your HR strategy should align with your wider business strategy.

This is the foundation for helping you answer the key HR questions – from what HR services your business needs to how you are going to operate these services to meet your business objectives.

We use Berkeley because what I got from them was an ability to help me think, which is different to giving me lots of graduates who flick through slides. I had someone sitting next to me, helping me shape the problems in a way that was understandable and then helping think through solutions. It wasn’t just a level one description, but asking why and working at higher levels.”

Director, a financial services organisation

HR strategy consultants that address the details

We can guide you through the complex details of setting an HR strategy – which HR services to focus on and how much to invest in each, what to keep in-house and what to outsource, what to centralize and what to decentralize, how you organize and lead your HR function, and what are the right HR processes for your organization.

HR strategy that focuses on the future

We can help you focus on the future, take the right decisions and hold the course through implementation. For example, the quality of the experience your employees have as part of your organization plays a critical part in recruitment, through retention and performance.  We can help you to better understand the enduring effects of how HR strategy and implementation can enable this over the long term and the changes needed in response. 

HR strategy consultants who can navigate the noise 

Berkeley can help you navigate the noise surrounding a lot of HR, so you can concentrate on what really works. Don’t just follow the herd. Your HR strategy enables you to manage the many complexities and subtleties that come along with the territory – but in a way that’s meaningful for you and your leadership team.

For example, a lot of good HR processes are counter intuitive. Better recruitment processes typically result in better candidates and lower cost. Large bonuses typically reduce profitability rather than increase it. 

We can help you ensure the HR strategy, services and processes you select are the ones that are proven to be effective. 

An HR strategy consultancy that focuses on your goals

We work side by side with you to ensure you remain in control and that the support provided both drives the right outcomes of your HR strategy and with the right level of team buy-in. It’s about making sure you’re confident you have an HR strategy that will meet your goals and can move quickly and smoothly to implement it. 

Our people have deep expertise in both HR strategy and delivery of HR transformations. Critically, we connect the two. We will make sure your strategy is not only firmly rooted in your business priorities and objectives but also clearly sets out the steps for making it happen. This is one of the key ways we can help you go further, faster, more effectively.

With a strong business-focused HR strategy that’s both ambitious and actionable, you can increase your HR function’s impact on the growth and profitability of your company and maintain the level of buy-in and commitment required to deliver on the ground.”

Piers Virik, Partner

Clients often ask us…

Question 1

Is now the right time to revisit our HR strategy?

Question 2

How can we ensure our HR and business strategies are joined up?

Question 3

How do I break down my HR strategy into a detailed actionable plan?

Question 4

What is the best structure for my HR function?

Question 5

What are the right HR processes for my organization?

Question 6

What HR services do we need to operate?

Question 7

How do I transform on the ground in support of strategy?

Lead Partner

Piers Virik, Partner