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Accelerating your career at Berkeley

We’re here to support you, whatever your long term career goals.

Berkeley’s unique career model is designed to accelerate your career and development.

Hear from two of our consultants on how Berkeley has helped them become transformation leaders…

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Becoming a transformation leader

Hi, I'm Marcus.

And I'm Yuliya.

And we are excited today to talk to you about what our experience has been as transformation leaders at The Berkeley Partnership.

So how long have you been at Berkeley? And what's it been like coming from a firm that specializes in healthcare?

So for me, I was the second US hire to join the firm. And as far as coming from a firm that specializes in the healthcare industry, I really felt like I was really doing the same thing over and over. And that was a little bit of a concern as I looked at the Berkeley Partnership. But it's really been a great experience, being able to leverage my skill sets, coming from just a healthcare consulting firm. Now, having worked across six different industries, doing product implementation at a global scale, similar to you – and with you – to developing strategies, going through major transformations. So really being a leader with our client to help them be successful. What was it like for you coming from a Big Four to The Berkeley Partnership?

I've really gotten to see how different it is, from doing whatever needed to get done to becoming a true transformation leader. Working directly with senior stakeholders at global companies and helping them work through some of their most complex problems, while also boosting my and our own learning and development.

For me personally, the fact that I've been able to work across senior stakeholders, really been included in those executive level conversations, has really meant a lot for my own personal, professional career growth.

I've had a really similar experience so far. Thanks for the chat.

Absolutely, Yuliya. It's been great to catch up.

Plot your own path

Far from sticking to a pre-ordained career pathway, you’ll follow your own course and work to your own professional and personal goals. If yours is to make partner, you’ll be reassured to know that all of ours are promoted from within.

Your progress is supported by your Personal Development Partner and six-monthly review meetings, where we encourage an open conversation. To complement our approach to career development, we offer confidential, internal business coaching, from an accredited partner coach of your choice. Our consultants find that coaching provides the space to think, talk about career development and focus on making real progress.

Assignment variety means faster development

Most firms drive you towards specializing, but we’ll encourage you to broaden your expertise – across industries and right along the project lifecycle. As we see it, consultants who focus on delivery as much as strategy are thinking about far more than milestone and budget targets. As well as being great for our clients, it’s an approach that can only benefit your career.

There’s plenty of on-the-job learning

We give you lots of freedom in assignments that offer a wide variety of interesting work. At every stage, you can call on your Listening Partner for guidance and support. With a consultant to partner ratio of 4:1, this support can be as hands on or hands off as you need. In addition, we are proud of our training curriculum, run by the best external experts and by our own people, designed to help you grow.
If, like Marcus and Yuliya, you want to accelerate your personal and professional growth, Berkeley will be with you every step of the way.