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Finance transformation

While the drive to optimize the cost and efficiency of an organization’s finance function is critical, so too is its rising importance as a way to drive business value – working as a true strategic partner enabling growth and driving cost efficiency across the business.

Financial transformation consulting

A strong finance function is at the heart of any successful business, so it’s vital to get a finance transformation right. The Berkeley Partnership has worked with many of the world’s leading companies on their most challenging finance transformation programs – from early vision, strategy and business case, right through the difficulties of delivery. 

The drive and leadership against a program that is up against the organization's natural inertia to adapt was exceptional. The Berkeley Partnership brought the experience, thought leadership and initiative to really drive things forward. Looking forward to supplement the team with Berkeley's guidance and experience again in the future.”

A media and entertainment sector client

Drivers for change for the modern finance function

Finance leaders are buffeted by change – much of which is outside of their direct control. We cover some of the key drivers for change in more detail below.

The Berkeley Partnership’s financial transformation service

We help finance and technology executives understand how best to move their business forward – and we work closely with them to make it happen.”

Through a combination of industry and business knowledge of finance functional understanding, technology expertise and transformational change, our consultants are able to effectively navigate complex subject matter and align varied stakeholders into cohesive, clear plans, no matter how influential the drivers are for change.

Finance transformation expertise with sector insight

We offer our clients a financial transformation consulting service with a compelling combination of industry and business knowledge relevant to their sector. We combine this with finance functional understanding, technology expertise and the transformational change know-how to make it all happen.  

With our ‘low volume, high value’ model, we won’t overwhelm with large teams or take months to produce results. By only using one or two highly experienced and high caliber people, we can assess and turn around major programs in weeks, or help you cut through to a core strategy in a matter of days. 

Above all, this is about sound judgement – doing enough analysis and drawing on our experience to help our clients make a confident decision on what’s right for them. We work as a close-knit part of your team, transforming your finance function ‘with you, not to you’, and getting to results that have real ownership and buy-in.”

Ben Wildman

Our clients often ask us…

Question 1

How can I use finance to drive my business value, enable growth and drive cost efficiency?

Question 2

How can my finance function give me timely, accurate insights to help me make better business decisions?

Question 3

How do we define and mobilize a finance transformation?

Question 4

How can I understand if and how I should unite my finance, IT and HR functions as a single shared service?

Question 5

What’s the best way to determine my strategy for customer billing systems?

Question 6

How can I simplify my finance processes to increase efficiencies?

Question 7

How can I define and manage a major financial reporting program?

Question 8

How do we develop a strategic roadmap of finance projects?

Question 9

How do I transition from a legacy finance ERP to a new state-of-the-art ERP technology?