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Program recovery and turnaround

Transformation programs are high stakes at the best of times. But acknowledging when a reset is needed takes real courage. Reputations are on the line and that’s when our clients recognize that they need a partner who’s by their side, when it matters most

The heart of our turnaround consulting service is a focused injection of highly experienced consultants into our client’s business, typically in a handful of impactful leadership roles. We actively seek out and retain what’s working and build new capabilities where needed. And most importantly, we ‘wear our client’s badge’ – sharing accountabilities with them and operating solely in the best interests of the program. Our experience, fresh perspective, creativity, and constructive challenge facilitates project turnaround, ensuring our clients achieve their ambitions.

Turnaround consulting: recovery and experience matters

Experience matters. Program turnaround and delivery is what we do for a living and our clients benefit from our highly skilled people. Our team has turned around an array of distressed programs, bringing sound judgement to key decisions. 

Berkeley did an outstanding job. The key factors that made them successful were the rigor of their project management skills; their willingness to ‘roll up their sleeves’ to really understand the issues and deal with them; and the way they collaborated seamlessly and successfully with our people.  We simply could not have done it without them.”

Vice President of Finance Performance & Analytics, a consumer goods company

Recover faster: retain what’s good

When our clients use our turnaround consulting services, it’s not because they want to start all over again. It’s because they want a partner that will retain what’s good and build out what’s missing.

Our focus is on recognizing, retaining and harnessing existing value, whilst putting in place the missing pieces. We avoid costly duplication and improve team morale by building on what’s there – increasing productivity and maximizing return on investment. 

Our project turnaround consultants ‘wear your badge’

At the heart of our turnaround consulting services offer, we stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients. We don’t just broadcast a set of unpalatable recommendations and stand back. We help land the difficult messages that will build support and buy in from skeptical stakeholders. We implement change in how things are done, supporting people through the transition to a stabilized program. We bring things under control and get our clients back in the driving seat so that all program resources point to achieving program outcomes.

Lead and improve turnaround consulting services

In our experience of resetting programs, it’s essential to balance the need to continue driving the program forward while thoroughly identifying and addressing weaknesses. Though ‘changing the engines while the plane is in flight’ is theoretically suboptimal, it’s typically the only feasible way to recover a failing program, given the realities of stakeholder expectations, finances and the incumbent team. 

Infographic illustrating our approach to program recovery and turnaround

The Berkeley Partnership embraces the practicalities of project turnaround with a ‘lead and improve’ approach across three steps:

  1. Control – We’ll take the program leadership reins whilst we apply our expertise to identify the root causes of issues and the highest priority capability gaps
  2. Correct – We’ll deliver pragmatic and impactful recommendations, supporting you in implementing the difficult decisions and strengthening underperforming program capabilities
  3. Continually improve – We’ll continuously respond to changing priorities, evolve and enhancing program capabilities as needed

Once we’ve reset the program through these steps, we can either continue to run the program or we can hand over to an alternative leadership team. Throughout the project turnaround our focus is on getting the program back on track, with the client firmly in control.

The decision to reset a program is never an easy one, so you need to be confident that the investment you make in remediating issues will successfully get your program back on track.”


Clients often ask us…

Question 1

What’s it going to take to get this program back on track?

Question 2

How do I regain control of this program?

Question 3

Have I got the right team (people and third parties) to get the job done?

Question 4

How much of what I’ve spent to date is earned value – what’s it going to take to finish the job?

Question 5

The team all seem to be working really hard but why aren’t we getting the results we’d expect?

Question 6

How do I get a win in the next three months?

Question 7

How do I position that we need a turnaround to the rest of the leadership team?