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Digital transformation

Digital transformation is often complex and challenging for organizations to deliver. The Berkeley Partnership’s digital transformation consultants can help you successfully harness new technology and realize the full benefits.

A digital transformation consultancy that turns vision into reality

You may have an ambitious vision for your future digital capability but are unsure how to turn this into an actionable roadmap. The Berkeley Partnership specializes in helping organizations transform under the most complex, challenging, and high-stakes circumstances. Our experienced consultants can help you on your digital journey and arrive at the real benefits. By your side, we can help you to navigate the complexity, take the right approach and embed successful technological change. 

What I value about Berkeley is not just the weight of experience that they have brought but the challenge to our thinking. I have also been delighted at how smoothly they have integrated into our existing team and helped develop our staff. They are making a real difference in raising the bar on quality and increasing confidence in delivery.”

An energy sector client

Digital transformation: strong leadership and management 

Effective digital transformation needs strong business leadership and management particularly in large, established organizations.

We can help you to:

  • Create an agile organization, balancing flexibility with rigor and control
  • Break down organizational siloes
  • Manage the complex ecosystem of vendors and technology providers and ensure they are aligned to the same approach and outcomes
  • Manage expectations around the transformation journey and understand where you’re likely to find complexity and challenges in your organization.
  • Blend the right mix of innovation and experience across the business and IT functions, ensuring clarity in key CMO, CDO and CIO roles.

Digital transformation: a different delivery approach

Digital transformation can be difficult to envisage and design. It’s hard to predict how customers and colleagues might really behave in practice. We can support you to start sustainably, learning from test pilots and small proofs of concept before scaling up and building a strong business case.

Our transformation specialists can help you look at the delivery model options up front and assess and adapt for your unique requirements, maturity and risk profile. 

Digital transformation consultants who can deliver lasting change

Even with strong top-down leadership and sponsorship in place, it can be challenging to ensure sustained user adoption and realize digital transformation’s full benefits. Investing in strong change management from the start is critical, particularly where digital maturity is low in the organization.

Berkeley can help you grow your operational capabilities and address any underlying business weaknesses. New skills and capabilities will require thinking about how to do recruitment, career development and culture change differently.

We can support you to build in measures for user adoption and benefits realization early on, and check the business is really making the most of its new digital capabilities.

A digital transformation consultancy that gives you ownership

We understand that every organization is unique and we don’t provide ready-made, off-the-shelf solutions. Our approach to digital transformation consulting means we help you develop and implement the right approach for your business, rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. 

We do the work ‘with you’, not ‘to you’, achieving a solution that not only fits your business but gives your people the ownership and in turn, delivers lasting change benefits.

Berkeley specializes in complex transformation, alongside extensive experience in the latest digital approaches and technologies. We can help organizations successfully navigate their digital journeys, embed lasting change and realize the full benefits.”

Will Rivers, Partner

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