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Darren Webb

Consultant, UK

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Darren Webb

Consultant, UK

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1  Why did you join Berkeley?

The Berkeley Partnership stood out to me as a company with honest, transparent and upstanding values. Their clear commitment, trust and focus with clients was extremely attractive and I wanted to work in an organization who are united with clients to get the job done. Berkeley’s approach and leadership demonstrate this front and center, as there are no internal sales or performance targets and this enables consultants to fully focus on the output. Coming from a large consulting firm, I can see how this Berkeley freedom can translate into increased value for clients and even greater results for all involved. 

Berkeley offers engagements across all sectors and encourages its consultants to specialize in transformation and apply this everywhere. I was keen to expand my industry experience in this environment and I recognized I would have the support of those who have helped make the company a success over 30 years. As Berkeley only hires experienced consultants I knew, with my 10+ years' experience working on complex programs, that I wanted to be part of this specialist force helping clients on the toughest problems. 

2  What types of engagements excite you the most?

Before Berkeley, I spent 10 years at a large consulting firm working on complex programs including major policy/technology changes in the public sector. All consulting projects are exciting because they are about challenging the status quo and overcoming hurdles to realize benefits. However, engagements that are at the heart of a client’s business model are even more exhilarating because they are a chance for our clients to take a significant step forward and gain competitive advantage.   

3  What are your values and how have they informed your career?

Looking back over my 10+ years in my consulting career there are some key values which I hold close to my heart and continue to follow here at Berkeley. Mine are principally focused on:

  1. Empathy - Without truly putting yourself in your client’s shoes, how can you help advise on possible solutions? Listening is extremely powerful, and I firmly believe in getting to know people and gathering multiple perspectives to gain an all-round understanding. Everyone has different backgrounds, experiences and motivations so understanding the business context and having empathy is critical to providing the best guidance. 
  2. Loyalty - once I’ve made a commitment to a client, I will ensure that, whatever the weather, the objective is met. As clients put their trust in consultants then it is key that we reciprocate that confidence to our clients and remain loyal to them. In my career my teams have had this value instilled into them and it breeds long-term trusting relationships.    

Throughout my career I’ve always stayed honest to my values to ensure that I am an organized and trusted partner to my clients. I believe staying true to these can build strong relationships and only then can you truly move forward to support clients achieve their aspirations.