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Dominic Pia

Consultant, UK

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Dominic Pia

Consultant, UK

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What’s different about Berkeley for our clients?

At Berkeley the focus is genuinely on getting the best outcome for our clients. The engagements that work best are when we have open, trust-based dialogue with our clients, working together to agree on the best way forward. 

The client relationships I’ve built at Berkeley are strong as there are no hidden agenda or pressure to achieve follow-on sales. The objective is to do what is right for the client, even if that means re-prioritizing what was initially agreed. It is difficult to anticipate the challenges that may arise in complex projects, so it feels quite liberating to focus and re-focus effort on the most important issues alongside my clients, rather than sticking unnecessarily rigidly to some pre-defined outputs.

What’s been your favorite assignment and why?

I have recently worked on a cloud transformation project at Brambles, a global leader in professional services and logistics. The project aims to move Brambles data and applications to the cloud, helping increase speed to value, productivity and innovation. My role was to lead the operating model and change management elements of the program (essentially the non-technical change). This involved designing and implementing a new cloud IT operating model, with application of some cutting edge cloud operations practices, as well as all training, communications and business change activities. This work is critical in effectively managing the change across Brambles 11,000+ workforce.

It is a fascinating project, working as part of a genuinely global team spanning six continents. I’ve been able to apply my experience on IT operating models to a new client, learning how cloud industry trends are changing the way we organize in IT, and through the training program demonstrating the business benefits of moving to cloud. 

By the time it concludes, I would have been on the project for 18 months in total. This has enabled me to build some strong relationships with the Brambles team, even if physical working was limited due to COVID! The team dynamic has been very constructive – I have essentially been treated as part of the Brambles team, which helps us provide honest advice and tackle unforeseen problems together to get the get the best possible outcome for them.

What are your goals and aspirations?

I am in the process of making a big life change, as I relocate my family to Edinburgh, my home city, after 19 years living elsewhere. This coincides with the arrival of my second daughter. On a personal level my major short-term goal is to make this move a success! 

While I am moving home, I would like to travel further afield with my children – I’m passionate about learning new things and realizing new experiences and, having lived in five different countries, I think that travel is the best way to learn and develop.

Professionally, I’m excited about the “new world order” post-Covid approach to work. It will mean new forms of collaboration, and in my own case a combination of home working and travel. This underlines the power of technology and collaboration tools in particular. In my job I am constantly learning about how we can innovate to solve client / customer / citizen challenges in different settings. I’m particularly interested in how we can innovate and use digital technologies to deliver better public services and nurture a fairer society. I look forward to taking on whatever business problems face me in the future.