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Fiona Palmer

Consultant, UK

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Fiona Palmer

Consultant, UK

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What do you like most about Berkeley?

I like the culture and the Berkeley environment. I was always keen to work in a smaller consultancy where you get to know your colleagues. Since I joined, everything that was advertized in the recruitment process has been true: the lack of hierarchy, the balance between independence and support from the partners, the emphasis on social connections. 

2  What’s been your biggest professional accomplishment?

I led an eighteen month program to support an independent body of the Treasury to disburse £545m of grant funding to improve the business banking offering to small businesses in the UK. As a result of the project, the choice of banking products and services available to small business owners in the UK was significantly expanded allowing small businesses access to services that were previously only on offer to corporates.

3  Why did you choose your career?

I first came across the idea of management consultancy at university when one of the Big 4 companies came to the campus for a careers event. Not knowing what I wanted to do post university, I was attracted to the opportunity to work for household name clients across a variety of roles. The opportunities for travel and career progression were also major factors. 

The two key things that have kept me in consulting are that every day is different as you tackle a variety of strategic projects, and the quality and collaboration of my consulting colleagues.